By: Asanda Mkuzo

Getting married was probably the biggest step you’ve taken in this relationship, where did the courage come from?

My courage came from love, the love we have for each other

I am sure it was time consuming planning for your wedding. Did you hire a wedding planner?

Yes we had two coordinators Ilona and Nadia from Gulu Private Resort

Who is your favourite lesbian couple and why?

Ellen and her wife, they love and care for each

Which song played when you walked down the aisle?

Celine Dion have you ever

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

Still deciding on where to go

Have you thought of how are you going to have kids?

No adoption but carry our own from a sperm donor

Are there any fun games you love playing together? What are they?

We love trying out different restaurants it’s like a hobby.

Complete the sentence: Love is ….

Love is everything

Greeting married to my partner…..

The best thing I have ever done in my life is marrying the love of my life

My first date with my Partner:

An ice cream