By: Zama Shange

Love at first sight? We met at Mangosuthu University in 2005 at soccer practice and later discovered we were doing the same course. After three years of friendship and in a group, where we never spent time alone, mainly because we disliked each other, only to find years later that we actually had a lot in common.


Family? We haven’t announced our relationship to our families just yet.

Any fun together? We love travelling, watching movies indoors. Taking long walks, jogging and cooking together. Exploring new places or things, dancing and taking pictures.

Any close encounters? As an LGBTI couple we do get passing comments, nothing we couldn’t handle at least not yet. We thank God for that.

Lasting love tips? There is no recipe to our love. We know what we want and that is us together, we make each other’s happy place. It’s all effortless.

Any advice? Our advice to younger couples is love endlessly. Accept each other’s flaws, communication, forgive each other, listen to each other, respect, compromise and fight fairly.

Kitty on Kat: “She has a heart of gold. She is very loving and forgiving, which is one of the things that is keeping this ship going”.

Kat on Kitty: “She’s beautiful and her intelligence is sexy. She’s loving and kind. She pushes me to great things. Always there when I need her. She’s a woman and a half”.

V-Day plans? We don’t have plans for V day this year.

Love is? You can’t describe love with a single word. Love is kind, patient, complicated, mysterious and unconditional. It is acceptance without expectation.