Mfundo and Jessica

“We don’t belong together…”

UniQ Magazine SA loves getting to know its couples and their own unique love story, gaining an insight into their lives, family and friends – an integral part of being able to create memories for the couples. All year round UniQ Magazine SA celebrates love: Read more about the lovely couple Mfundo and Jessica.

What started as a few flirtatious comments on a social media site quickly turned into a real, honest-to-God relationship. Mfundo and Jessica’s story is proof that online dating sites are not the only place to meet a partner these days – social media itself is a thing. Their meeting on social media, Facebook to be specific took them to South Beach to seal their romantic desires. This happened in 2015 and a year later, they finally decided to give their affection a chance to enhance their relationship.

Unlike most lovers who believe in ‘soul mates’, their love was not based on that but solely based on their feelings for each other. The couple planned their relationship’s future around each other’s feelings instead of tying themselves into the ‘we belong together’ mantra. The first week they met, they just knew they click and they want to spend their lives together, they just couldn’t stay away from each other. Mfundo made it clear that believing that you belong together in a relationship is a call for disaster.

“I can’t say we belong together because then we’d be forced to be together even though we no longer have feelings for each. As long as we love and respect each other, belonging together can miss us,” says Mfundo.

As a sign of respect the couple decided to give their parents time to understand and accept their relationship without barraging them with all kinds of information that comes with their sexual orientation. Their approach worked well as the parents are slowly getting to terms that this is their children reality nothing else. They are eventually dealing with the loss of some of their dreams for their daughters like receiving lobola.

Honesty is the secret spice of these lovebirds, they believe that hiding things from each other destroys relationships but being honest to each other strengthens their love. They faithfully remind themselves that they love each other almost daily; ensuring that they rekindle their mutual feeling towards each other.

When they are not swamped by their daily activities, Mfundo and Jessica spend their time shopping to surprise each other bringing the spark back to their relationship and making it new and exciting all the time. They spend the least of their time with friends as they prefer to spend most of it with each other, having dinner and drinks.

Advising other couples on how to keep the love burning longer, they cited that most relationships are one sided, couples should learn that being in a relationship comes with compromise.

“There is a lot of compromise, communication, patience and support that is required in a relationship. I believe those qualities play a huge role in a relationship. Also trust and honesty – without those ingredients then things are bound to fall apart,” says Jessica.

She added that if you really believe that your partner is the one for you, don’t allow anything to come between you. Every season has its time so things won’t always seem like the bold and the beautiful, the honeymoon phase passes but the love will hold you together.

Mfundo is charmed by Jessica’s beauty and ambition that is enhanced by the way she cares for her and the fact that she doesn’t take any nonsense which is a sign of being a strong woman. Mfundo’s strong personality that is coupled with a sweet heart is what makes Jessica melt. They are both caring and supportive of each other and always see the best in each other.

When defining love, the lovebirds say in their circle love is patient and kind, it holds no record of being wrong.