What car do you drive? I drive a BMW 220i convertible.

What made you to choose this color? The white color 1stly it hides the dirt even when the car is dirty and 2ndly when shown on sunlight it beams with the brightness of a grey color.

What games do you enjoy playing in your car? I love to match double digits in other people’s cars, example: double 7 or double 5 or even triple digits.

How long have you been driving this car? A year.


Is this your dream car? Absolutely yes – a fat YES!

What did You drive before this car? MW x3

Unplanned Trip taken; June last year, my partner and I decided on a last hour to attend a birthday party in JHB. The car was fantastic throughout the trip.

What features you love most? Cruise control, parking assist, and the remote assistance.

Describe the feeling you have when driving this car; Contentment.

What’s on your playlist? Gospel Music.