This Love Month, Love yourself first – Power of energy!

Sphiwosakhe Sazi

Put me not in a box- I am human

Quotes By Our South African Celebrities

Somizi Mhlongo

I speak my mind. A lot of people [who] don’t agree with me later realise I was telling the truth. I have opinions from here to QwaQwa. It comes from  being in the township, being gay, and standing up for what I believe in from an early age.

Toya Delazy

I’m not privileged; I hustled. I’ve slept on friends’ couches when I couldn’t afford rent. You feel lame for a while, but when you finally make it, there’s no greater joy than knowing you’ve achieved something for yourself.

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Celest Ntuli

It never entered my mind that I’m a black woman doing comedy. I didn’t think beyond the fact that I wanted to do it. If I can pay rent and change my own tyre, I deserve a beer on Friday just like a man. It’s got nothing to do with my boobs.

Muzi Zuma

The reason I’m so passionate about my job is that I literally get the honor of being invited to ones Permanent book of Memories. My name and the #MakeUpByMuzi experience is one they’ll keep forever, sharing with friends, family & their children for years to come. It’s for this reason why every Client to me is important, I’d hate being a bitter memory to Anyone.

Sade Giliberti

I’ve always remained the humble type. Grateful for my career and my job on television, never looking down on people because of the work I do. I guess a massive part of me was also tired of going up against people who were seen as the best of the best.

Bujy Bikwa

I am the most sensitive person I know.  It takes so much of my energy not to respond to any insults I get on the social media. So yes I do feel down and when I do, it’s hard to show my true friends love cause I become so insecure and the only person that matters at that moment is ME!