By: Zama Shange

This weekend, mobile payment app Zapper SA invited Uniq Magazine SA to attend the ECR House & Garden Show at the Durban Exhibition Centre. What an honour it is to be part of KZN’s largest lifestyle show.

It started with a very bubbly Candice Ramroop from Zapper SA welcoming us at the main entrance and supplying us with a little info regarding the event itself. This made us even more excited and we couldn’t wait for the experience, as it was our first time attending this event.


So often I have seen the Zapper SA sign, mostly at restaurants, but never understood what it was about. The Zapper team took their time and explained thoroughly what Zapper is about. It’s not just an app for quick and convenient payments, but a gateway to ‘easy-spending whilst saving’. There are free voucher discounts and loyalty cards for download from a host of restaurants, so every time you swipe you don’t have to sulk.

One of my favourite discoveries about the Zapper app is that it eliminates those uncomfortable positions at the end of a good night out with friends and the bill comes. Splitting the bill is always time consuming and embarrassing, from calculations and scribbling on the bill, but Zapper makes it easy. You can simply scan the bill, and then Zapper gives you an option to split the bill by percentage, by number of people and by your own amount- calculating fairly; easy, quick and accurate.

It is so easy to download. Just simply go to App Store on your smartphone, search for ‘Zapper’ and tap ‘download’. As soon as you get to the App, you are given an option to allow Zapper to access your basic information via Facebook, making the registration process quick and simple.

The final step it to scan your card. I was a bit sceptical about this, however Candice from Zapper could explain in detail the high-encryption security and privacy that is involved here, and she made me feel comfortable concluding my download. Within seconds I was in, and ready to spend at the House & Garden Show with a smile.

Our first stop was the tourism stall, where we entered a competition for a getaway, and tested our general knowledge through fun games where you simply have to identify the locations on the map. To my surprise, I did pretty good.


Next stop was shopping. I love art, and having just recently moved into a new home, this was the right place to be.


My woman crush every day, my inspiration, finally I had found the perfect painting. Mama Winnie.


Every girl loves accessories, not just any, but custom-made beautiful jewellery. Plus, I spotted the Zapper sign which means I could just simply scan to pay. Zapper also gives you R25 off your first transaction so purchasing an item here was a perfect gain.


I love traveling and exploring our beautiful country, so I had to stop and get more information on specials and package deals:

unnamed (7)

It is called House & Garden Show so finding the prefect plants was a given, and we sure did.  We shopped for elegant plants for the patio and once again, with a quick scan from my smartphone the purchase was complete. Zapper to the rescue!


They say dreams do come true, this elegant expensive lounge set up just inspired me to work even harder for the finer things in life. Window shopping is not a crime One day is one day.


One thing I can say though is never wear stilettos to the show, Lol, but this called for a good pic on this beautiful garden bench. I also got to learn more about how you can grow your own crops.

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This was an amazing experience all in all. Not only was it fun shopping and networking, but very educational and I thank Zapper SA for the invite. I recommend Zapper to all my friends and family who are looking to go cash and card free. I look forward to many more shows like this.

UniQ Magazine SA thanks you Zapper SA for this great experience. Your App is Fabulous.