Dear Uniq Madam

I would do anything for her, even buy her a car

I have a girl friend which I love very much to such an extent that I can do anything for her – even buying her a car, I wouldn’t mind .. I always make sacrifices for her but she doesn’t see me good enough.
We have been in a relationship for few years but still, I feel like our love is ending. I mean I cannot build a future with someone who doesn’t ask if I’m okay or not, I’m the one who always make moves, yes I’m a butch but somehow somewhere she has to meet me half way. She keeps telling me that she loves me and stuff but then I don’t see it really true – now I’m thinking of cheating or letting her go rather to avoid hurting her more… I’ve cheated countless times and she knew about it and now she’s fine and over it.

Reply from Madam Uniq

Love is a two way thing and it’s obvious that your girlfriend  doesn’t care about you the way you do if its like this, you will be always get  hurt because you are not happy.

It doesn’t matter how much that person loves you, what is important is to love yourself and put your happiness first, in that way you will be able to love the next person better .Cheating won’t make a difference.
You are doing it because of hurt and you want to be loved by her.
The best thing to do is to  let her go,
You will find someone who will truly love you and maybe you will love her too.

Wishing you all the best

Uniq Madam