UniQ 10 Questions for a wedding celebration of Indlovukazi Mapule and Thandeka Sivusumuzi Ngobese


Getting married was probably the biggest step you’ve taken in this relationship, where did the courage come from?  We have realised that we love each other, courage came from simply Love

 I am sure it was time consuming planning your marriage. Did you hire a wedding planner? Yes we did, the best stunning Vusi Zama

Who is your favourite lesbian couple and why? Khanyo and Ntombi Zulu from Chesterville. They have things under control through thick and thin. They live for purpose and do things together, growing together.

Which song played when you walked down the aisle? Mapule song’s was ‘Masthokoze’ by Mafikizolo and Thandeka was ‘Nguwe Sthandwa Sam’ by Malaika – rendered live by Angel Zondo

Where do you guys go for honeymoon? At the moment we are picking up where we left off in our business, then in December we are off to Zanzibar.

Do you plan to have children together and how? As much as we are already raising three children, yes we are definitely planning to have our own. We are still considering suitable and better options.

Are there any fun games you love playing together? What are they? Oh Yes we do not bore each but privately entertaining each other with karaoke, 60seconds apart from that we are very adventurous.

Finish the sentence:

Thandeka: Love is an amazing and a beautiful feeling

Mapule: Love is victorious! It conquers everything!

‎Getting married to my partner was……

Thandeka – the best thing I did for myself, she has brought the best in my life financially, spiritually and contributed towards my family relations.

Mapule – was the most wonderful thing to me, she introduced stability and nou rishes my mind with her intelligence.

Where you met and where was your first date with your partner:

We met spiritually before we met physically at a friend’s funeral and our first date was at one of the old restaurant in Glenwood Village.