Who is Carl Coetzee?

  • I am 32 years old and I live with my parents who are both retired. I was born in
    Pretoria until I was three months old when my parents moved to Amanzimtoti. I am
    very close to both sides of my family. I went to Brown’s School in Marianhill it’s a
    special needs school and I have a learning disability. I managed to overcome this
    disability to pass matric and most of my college diplomas.

Tell us about your company and when did your love for travel start?

  • Amon Ra Travel and Tours (Pty) Ltd is an Amanzimtoti based travel agency founded
    by myself in 2014 after a few years of working within the tourism and hospitality
    industry. I fell in love with travel when I went overseas at 9 years old. My first
    overseas trip was to Singapore.

What is the area of your agency’s expertise?

  • My area of expertise is mostly outbound travel as in sending my fellow South Africans
    to beautiful countries. I can also do inbound travel for overseas people to visit our
    wonderful country. If any South African wants to travel locally, I can also assist.

What excites you about being a travel agent?

  • I love helping people to travel to their dream holidays. Every time that a client enjoys
    their holiday, it puts a smile on my face.

Which is the most LGBTIQ+ friendly destination internationally, you have travelled to?

  • Thailand, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France , Spain, Austria
    and Australia

What is your favourite holiday destination?

  • Egypt

Any challenges that you had to overcome in your career?

  • It is mostly marketing and the ability to do the same or better job than the larger; more
    establish travel agencies.

What does one need to study to be a travel agent?

  • For me personally, I studied a two year diploma in international travel at Varsity
    College when they still had it. I would recommend someone who wants to become a
    travel agent to attend a college that offers a travel management course.

If you were not a travel agent, what career would you have chosen?

  • I would work in a bookstore or probably started my own.

Any advice for young aspiring travel agents?

  • Work hard and know the destinations that you are selling. This would help you gain
    trust from clients and add credibility. Any aspiring travel agents must be willing to
    work for little salary for a few years until they either work up the corporate ladder or
    start their own business.

As cliché as it sounds but where do you see yourself and your company in 5 years?

  • I am hoping that my business to financial stable enough so that I can have a fair
    enough amount of staff.

BY: Uniq Reporter