Commencing Time 13.30


  • Nate Brown,
  • Tshego Ricki and Partner
  • Nate

Welcoming Remarks

Prof. Muholi Muholi

This meeting is one of its kind in the end we are in a safe space. We can always laugh at each other but it is not necessary because English terms are not our mother tongue. Working together doesn’t mean we have to poke our noses in each others sexual activity lives we are important and we all need to respect each other and accomplish our mission and goals. Let’s meet and share information from each other.”

Welcoming Remarks: Yaya

Yaya: Moderator

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Tshepo Ricki Kgositau

Starting with an exercise of introducing ourselves we commenced the event at a getting to know each other note.

Ricki in her introduction mentioned that she was born of a teenage mom and she is 30yrs old, born with siblings and also appreciating her mothers courageous stunt

Assigned with the male gender at birth, intelligent and out and loud in her young ages she had to fight her pronouns confidently pass during her young age.

Her mother had to learn from her how to pronoun her and she did active sports with other kids. Father being a soldier it was also a bit tricky too fully come out.

She love babies and children being around her and they used to allocate her with the duties to nurture kids

The relationship with her grandfather was intact and he understood because even in trying to make her do male duties it would turn in a chaos because of her femininity, the grandfather got to accept her.

Grew up in the rural.

Nate Brown

Nate was raised by the grandmother, because his mom was usually busy working and fending for family in Diepkloof and he had issues with dressing girl which was the assigned gender at birth. The journey of transitioning for him was something he had to be ready for mentally and emotionally

Question Pozed during the discussion

. What did she do for her gender assignment and what where the financial strands and strategies

. Didn’t you place a possibility of being rejected?

. If you are having HT that helps you

. Can you now conceive now that you are a proper woman?

. How do you explain transdenties away from demon possession?

. How to transition with family

. What documents do you need to change?

. How do you keep the a stable relationships

(Advise for transitioning persons)

Ricki Responds (Cost)

  • Surgery is expensive and she approached it in diff ways and family was in support. Medical Aid doesn’t cover it
  • Personal saving
  • R192 000 Thailand on discount Preecha Aesthetic Institute
  • R240 000
  • 3-4 Week stay in hospital
  • Dr. Kevin Adams (gender dynamics) he does gender affirming surgery, in October it was R183 000 inc. stay
  • Gender affirming health training which is through gender dynamics we offer such issue Chris Mcclaffin
  • Peer to Peer training. Thee have been training through and through in the org and in Bloemfontein
  • There is another way that is called cloud funding for gender affirming health care

Second Question: Didn’t she fear a possibility of being rejected

  • I have always been a woman and there was no point of fearing that

Third Question: if she is having HT that helps you

  • Yes I have been on them since I was in college a few years back and there is challenge whereby for certain body parts to liase to you it has to go with the family genetics eg. I wanted boobs but I got tiny ones because in my family there is a history of curves more than there is breasts

Fourth Question: Can she now conceive now

  • There is no uterus and there is no children to be carried on.
  • There was a uterus-plant that was once done to a woman in transitioning but there were some issues that may occur not be able to carry through
  • Surrogacy is the way we have as well.

Fifth Questions: How do you explain transdenties away from demon possession?

  • God is spirit and the only things you need to focus on is your soul and be good to the world

Nate Brown Responds: Transitioning Journey

  • Before you decide for top surgery you have to be ready and sure and you need to work hard
  • Training five days a week and the scares are a part of you and you live with them
  • Testing every month 0.5 m every month of testosterone
  • Don’t do black market and get regular check ups professionally
  • Gvt hospitals can do it
  • Dedication is the key
  • Loving oneself

Ricki Responds: How to transition with family

  • Joseph and his brothers
  • Leviticus contradiction ( Leviticus 18)
  • Unity in the family and embracing ourselves

Nate Responds: How to transition with family

  • Write a letter with full explanation and details of what is that

Ricki Responds: have they as an organization established anything regarding gender affirming health care primarily

  • Refer to costs as it has a responds on the issue
  • 2018 is when they are intending to implement

Prof. Muholi to reintroduce the team

Ricki Responds: What documents do you need to change

  • There has to be a sustainable sex marker statistic so that it can happen
  • The amount of people to change their gender marker determines the implementation

Ricki Responds: How to keep a stable relationship

  • It is not easy dating a transgender person especially on hormonal treatment there is a pattern of emotional instability
  • One have to get ready to support and be patient because usually there is that instability of emotion

In closing the best thing to do in life is to love yourself and live it.