#PrideMonth #STAYSAFE

BY Tinashe Wakapila

As we celebrate this month in our confined spaces this is my own limbo or emotion towards the Covid19. As a Lesbian identifying person Covid reminds me of my times in 

The anxiety of the unknown of an end of something beggining…. 

ever felt the dire need to come out of a confined space to reach out to the norms that you known but its dejected as Taboo?

All you have known and understood has been boiled down to the ethics of choosing life or death. 

The simple notion such as touch, freedom to breath or embrace or walking in the street have become a brink of death and a spark of a virus

Who knew just stepping out of your own door of where you call your own would make one shiver and feel all sort of disrespect to  selfs well being. 

Thousands and thousands of mankind are as if the switch of a panick button and anxiety and fear has gone bonkers within and its unfixable.

Your throat tingles and becomes dry, breathing becomes difficult they explain in every information news channel you open, and to those whom have experienced it they say it feels like a swift of dust of a million grinded broken glasses have been blown in your lungs and its impossible to even gasp for air the impact of a virus i say to, be not proud.

Nations have locked down great nations have shut down, separating loved ones into no physical contact. 

Death news of mankind is all that’s heard. Normally to receive a death report would make one bow down the head and shake it in dismay but in this time and momentum because of the virus i say, do not be proud death news is like a daily dose of information one needs to actually weigh and rate own wellness and how fast the virus could be towards them. 

Many cry foul, some have found this as a maximising profit hunger games if they have what you dont. Others have actually got a chance of being a good samaritan to apply what they teach on human kindness, while others have been buried six feet under because it is surely the survival of the fittest indeed to the virus i say, do not be proud

Religious people have affirmed ita a prophetic of old mentioned in the holy books it shall happen

Hypocrits in those line of belief structure have started seeking comfort in blame to find balance in their sick minds and seeking the closure to understanding the virus, ponderin the blame to what they know how to hate best “Homosexuality” which i mean is bogus news abd ridiculousness but who is to blame them. To the virus i say do not be proud. 

The streets are silent. The battle of life has been set to a pace of mind vs matter, the staying indoors have become a weapon of mass distraction, to the virus i say do not proud

Every mankind have been secluded in the basic life movements. There is not one rich or one poor or one middle class left. 

 Displacement of lives have occurred, jobs lost hope thrown in the gutters of the fear and like a galloping goblin of it, hunger, tears, homelessness have been dropped like a big giant ‘deal with it’ on most peoples lives by force and impact. 

To this virus i say to, be not be proud.

Tinashe Wakapila

Gender and Sexuality Consultant
. Spiritual Motivational Speaker
. Poet
. Model
. Writer
Cell: 0626887161