By Ndabe Myeza

I have observed that not all opponents of gay marriage are hateful. Some have just not been exposed to the right arguments. In fact each anti-gay marriage argument ultimately serves to oppress or imply the lesser status of the minority.

Can someone explain to me this statement by homophobes we need to protect marriage? Are gay people a threat to the institution of marriage, to imply that including same-sex couples within the definition of marriage will somehow be detrimental or even destructive for the institution is to suggest gay people must be inherently poisonous. It also implies a nefarious gay mafia that is out to wreck marriage for straight people. Naturally if such a mafia existed I would be bound by a code of honour to deny its existence. However, it doesn’t exist. Ironically hetero sexual marriages are falling apart like cockroaches sprayed with doom.

What exactly is traditional marriage, given that marriage has always changed to suit the culture of the time and place, I would refrain from ever calling it “traditional”. If marriage was truly traditional, inte-rracial couples would not be allowed to wed, one could marry a child, ceremonies would be arranged by parents to share familial wealth and the Church of England would still be under the authority of the Pope. Marriage is a sacred institution.” The word “sacred” suggests marriage is a solely religious institution. In South Africa non-religious marriage made up 60 per cent of all marriage since during 2010. Let us not forget matrimony existed long before Jehovah was even a word you weren’t allowed to say.

Why do gay people have to get society s approval, to turn the argument on its head, one simply has to ask why society feels the need to segregate gay rights from those of heterosexuals. It has nothing to do with approval, and has everything to do with equality. Gay people are responsible for keeping Zimbabwe in total economic ruins, neither they have captured any state, world best criminals and abusers of human rights are homophobes their cousins anti-semantics, racists and economical thieves and corrupt leaders that’s where the problem is pollution and degradation of human life is a serious problem not homosexuality. If I remember well no gay pastor make people eat snakes, drink petrol eat grass and sell false prophecies.