Some of us were not good in mathematics at school some were genius and this has been creating an interesting debate on who knows calculations better. The world has been debating if this New Year 2020 is the end of an old decade or the beginning of the new decade. To some of us that all rally doesn’t matter, what matters is that this is the New Year, year of celebrations, observations and commemorations.

When the new year begins some people set measures for themselves which is known as resolutions some don’t they prefer to go with a flow. In many instances, we decide on taking new jobs, starting at new schools, new relationships, new businesses, and new churches etc.  

Some new beginning needs some guidance, while others have all it figured out. As we start the year there are few things I want you to take with throughout the year. We need to go back to our basics of the foundation of life.

  1. Know who you are understand yourself: – knowing who you are is extremely important as it gives you the solid foundation. This includes being honest about your own personality, your likes, dislikes, abilities, hobbies, weaknesses and pet hates. For some people knowing who they are starts with knowing their family names, their relatives and their lineage, this is also includes understanding your family values. What does your family stands for and the beliefs involved.
  • Never forget where you come from: – learning from the past and letting go of the past- It is very important to know where you come from so that you do not take the present and future for granted. You may have past disappointments, where people you trusted did not act according to your expectations. Remember that you cannot take responsibility for other people’s actions. Let go of the past.
  • Know where you are going:– VISION AND GOAL SETTING- Life is a journey from where you come from. You can choose your own destination. Not only that, you can also choose your route. Your goals should support your vision.

Start now and do your own vision board 2020. What are goals? What are your dreams? What is it that you have said you want to achieve?

Do not write your goals and keep them somewhere to collect dust. You must review and look at them every day. Read them in the morning. Visualize your achievements.

If your goal is to start a new business close your eyes and see the landlord giving you the keys to your new space; customers coming in, in numbers; bank messages of money coming in and receiving phone calls from private bankers manager and work hard to achieve it. 

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