30 April 2020

In closing the month of April, when we are celebrating 26 years of freedom as South Africans. I would like to remind the LGBTI+ community that the South African Constitution allows you to be free. It has been 14 years the LGBTI+ community was given freedom to be who they want to be even to get married to your own choice regardless of their sexuality. It is then is our powers to take this freedom and run away with it. It is in our hands to enjoy it the way we want. This is not to ignore the fact that we still have challenges within our families where we still lack acceptance by our very own families. 

We came this far not to go back into being discriminated, let us free ourselves and enjoy the freedom we fought for. We fought for this freedom with no help from our politicians and religious people, we fought for it on our own, thus it is our responsibility to live up to it. It is time we commit to what we love to do without fear or doing favours for others so they can be happy. Let us create our happiness within this freedom we have fought for. 

LGBTI+ community need to rise above the margin. There are so many opportunities out there than being activists for the rest of our lives. 

Education is key. Being a gay person does not mean you have to prove to yourself to anyone. You don’t have to be in a relationship for the sake of belonging to a certain group, be in a relationship when you are ready. FREEDOM to us means just that be free to choose who you want in your space. 

If you still confused just educate yourself, understand yourself fully, you will be able to make proper decisions. Understand the word freedom, have a pocket SA Constitution know Acts by head.

Same-sex marriage in South Africa. Same-sex marriage in South Africa has been legal since the Civil Union Act came into force on 30 November 2006

It has been 14 years but you still experience hate speeches. This means people are ignorant and few are not yet educated about same sex. The fact of the matter is that we are free now and it is now up to us how do we grow from acceptance to fully understand the right to exist and live. FREEDOM MEANS FREEDOM FOR EVERONE.