By: Donsy Kunene


Getting married was probably the biggest step you’ve taken in this relationship, where did the courage come from? 

Whew, from being friends and then lovers and finding out we both have a calling everything fell into place.  From the moment we realised that no matter what storms we face, we simply couldn’t live without each other.

It is wasn’t an easy road but we have made it thus far, we faced hard times and that somehow brought us even more together. Believing and trusting gave us courage in God.

I am sure it was time consuming planning your marriage. Did you hire a wedding planner? 

Yes we did and we were lucky to get one from our family sides, Bongeka Ngubane (my wife\’s sister and Andy \’Mr Draper\’ My friend and brother.

Who is your favourite lesbian couple and why?

Wanda and Alex Sykes. Their love is pure and never let media take control of their daily lives but rely on each other to make every bit count. 

Which song played when you walked down the aisle? 

Mbalie song was ‘Make it to me’ by Sam Smith and Mines was Adele ‘One and Only’

Where did you guys go for honeymoon? 

Due to work pressure, we planning our honeymoon for February out of KZN.

Have you guys ever thought of adopting? 

Yes, we have thought about it and also surrogacy, we are still undecided.  

Are there any fun games you love playing together? What are they? 

Yes, we jog together and after hours spend time on horseplay indoor, pillow fighting and keep each other smiling and laughing.


Love is an abstract and only two flames brings out it beauty just by looking in their eyes when together. / Love is pure

Getting married to my partner: Maslieh – was a dream I waited since the time I first captured her heart. 

                                                           Mbali – was beautiful

My first date with my partner: Maslieh – was a bridge to capturing her heart as I had to cook for her and make her my special guest without any tips on her liking or expectations but I nailed it. *Laughing*

                                                    Mbali – funny