Two weeks ago we got to chat with Siyabonga Ntini who was one of the contestants of SABC 1’s Reality TV show, RAW SILK. We are thrilled and proud to let you guys know that he ended up winning the competition. Checkout his Facebook post after he was announced as a winner.

Each and every designer that took part in Rawsilk was and is talented. It took me a while to get to know each and every one of them but throughout the 8 weeks we spent on journey that was supposed to freak us out… everyone (especially me) started opening up to the idea of getting to know one another. An experience that began to reject the initial idea why we were there in the first place. We were meant to compete but we started rooting for one another. When Preggy left (now known as Dj Preggy. Pu pu pu pu…) she pulled me to the side and said: “You’re gonna win.” I ignored her because I’m humble and stuff but she was right. She was right about a lot of things that I obviously won’t share. When James came back (J money records. He’s currently my A&R and manager in my new music career) he also told me I better win. I ignored him too. I had become very close with Prudence and Jess so I was okay with them winning. We were homies but when James came back I was happy. We were all happy. Mawande Kweyi left too soon. Eunice Muhlanga is bloody amazing. She makes me happy. Nicki upset me by leaving. Very smart. Annoying laugh. Zamaswazi Teko Nkosi would have loved the avant garde challenge. Also having silly conversations and Cinani Nhlapo wasn’t there anymore to bully me and make me laugh. I missed him. James wasn’t meant to go. Khathu Poons is my favourite human being. I’ll tell you one thing about Shoki AKA Prudence R Madisha, we always had debates but instead of feeling upset I’d feel like I learnt something. The sweetest. Jessica Mndebele is my sister. I’m the uncle of her cute babies so.

My point is we became fond of each other. Everyone deserved to win. I didn’t win because I’m lucky. I won because Yasmin Furmie said have fun. Not in so many words or maybe not even, but I heard “Have fun”. Nthato calmed me down because I was having an episode…That’s how I won. I did work hard but everyone did. I won because I had fun, stopped panicking. I made a fool of myself like I always have. I had fun. I didn’t only win but I can now call Yasmin and Ole if I need mind-smacking about a dress. Nthato speaks the truth but makes it sound like a garden of smarties so I wouldn’t mind that now and again.

Thank you to the Rawsilk team. Nzb Majola Ka Masuku, Xolelwa Myrtle Majeke, Jacqui Mnyaka and everyone I cant tag. To the Got speed guys to the lady that always filled up the oros and biscuits. Karabo. Now I can’t wait for season two. Hopefully I can guest judge and bully the next contestants.

Thank you Pearl for calming us down allowing us to share our gossip with you. A beautiful sport. “Niright designers???”. James favourite catch phrase.