IMG-20160526-WA0011 Ford Fiesta 1.4i Trend, 2009 model.
Owner: Sesana Kubheka

. I had told myself I’d go for the most basic second hand car, because of my low budget and my limited driving experience BUT when I walked into a showroom at a dealership in NN, my car just had an amazing glow… it was like it called me by name. I ended up paying double the amount I had budgeted for much better comfort and driving experience.

The best thing about my car is the interior. I can spend hours just sitting inside… at some point it felt like my second lounge area.

I am very reserved, I analyse everything and anything that I come across and then I say it like it is…the colour white reflects the “straight talker” in me.

it’s my first car… I call her Ntombenhle.
I hardly play games in my car…especially when alone. I do a lot of reading and singing in it though.

Unplanned trip.was..a drive from Newcastle to Shell Ultra City in the N3 in Escort, for lunch with my Sunshine who happened to be driving from Johannesburg… it was out of the blue but the drive to and back really was awesome