Stop saying that marriage is “just a piece of paper” so is money, but you still get up every day and work hard for it.A happy marriage is about three things : memories of togetherness, Forgiveness of mistakes and a promise to never give up on each other.

About The Couple

Amandla Nyati-Ludidi is a 31 year old author and entrepreneur from East London. From the age of 5, Amandla’s greatest passion has been sport and as a result, played and worked in sport and fitness for the next 25 years. She is currently working with her wife in the hospitality industry and on a virtual talk show created during lockdown called Conversations with A Ludidi. Also, Amandla launched her first book, I learned to pray in 2017 and will be launching her second book within the next 6 months. 

Sandiswa Nyati-Ludidi is a 37 old entrepreneur (also from East London) who is extremely passionate about the growth and development hospitality industry. After completing her studies in the field in 2003, she started working as a waitress and now co-owns multiple restaurants and a Cater-bake company. Sandiswa is currently working on the expansion of her businesses and her overall impact in the hospitality industry. 

Both Sandiswa and Amandla have a great passion for growth and development of others and hope that one day, they will be able to make something of that passion. 

Maiden Names: Sandiswa Nyati and Amandla Lauded

PARTNER A Sandiswa Nyati-Ludidi

Q. Getting married was probably the biggest step you have taken in this relationship where did the courage come from?

A.We’ve been married to each other before, but we were much younger then so it didn’t work out. We then spent a lot of time building a friendship and more solid relationship so this time it was a much easier decision. Everything we have learned from and about each other since our separation/divorce gave us the courage.

Q. I am sure it was time consuming planning your wedding, did you hire a wedding planner?

A. No. We did all the planning ourselves. I’m fact, we were planning a big wedding, but because of Covid, we decided to postpone until next year so we put all the planning on hold. It was only about a month before, that we decided to actually just carry on and have a small ceremony.

Q. What are the most important things one need to consider before signing. (home affairs registration)?

A. A marriage contract and therapy/pre marital counselling. A lot of people take these things for granted, but they should be treated as a huge priority because they are. 

Q. Who is your favourite lesbian couple and Why?

A. We love LOVE so anyone that makes it work really. 

Q. Who selected songs to be played on your wedding day?

A. Sandi 

Q. Did you do traditional wedding? kindly share all the details

A. No we didn’t do one. We basically just did a traditional themed ceremony.

Q. What is your ideal family set up? Or is it existing already? Tell us more about it.

A. We’ve got two beautiful kids and hopefully one day, we’ll have enough money to have another.

Q. Where did you go for honey moon and how was it?

A. We got married in PE so we made a trip out of it so we spent about a week there and treated that as the honeymoon. And how was it? It was too short.

Q. Who was your marriage officer? 

A. Wim Vermeulen from Weddings without Boundaries. A really amazing man. 

Q. Please finish the sentence individually. According to you Love is….

A. Amandla: choosing each other ALWAYS! Defying the odds.

A. Sandi: Doing things that the other person loves for and with them without hesitation.

Q. Please finish the sentence Individually. Getting married to my partner ….

A. Amandla: The best decision I have ever made.

A. Sandiswa: What Amandla said

Q. What can you say to parents, who find it difficult to accept? and to the couple who want to get married and there is no support from the family?

A. To parents – We have a whole lot to say about this topic and one day, we will. Just not right now. In summary though: It’s 2020, going on 2021.

A. To the couple – Do you boo! Do what makes you happy.

Q. Did you have any Lobola negotiations prior? How it happened?

A. We have a lot to say about this too. And when we talk about the acceptance subject, we’ll speak about this too. 

Q. What is your take on same sex LOBOLA negotiations?

A. Whatever works for that particular couple. If one partner wants to pay lobola, that’s great. If both partners want to pay lobola, that’s great too. If they both don’t want to or they decide that they want to exchange gifts then that too is great. It is really up to the people getting married and their families.

By Asanda Mkuzo