Reflections of Queerdom! 
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As I sit here thinking of the acronym LGBTI I came out with a very deep thesis about why the letters stand the way they are standing.If you noticed in sexuality and gender we have mankind with Dual feelings/attractions (sexuality) or Ambiguous genitalia(Gender)  Eg. Bisexual people are able to be attracted to both sexes.

Instead of us mainstream LG condeming them and discriminating them I think they are the key to balancing sexuality and affirming both the sexualities to reality. Bisexual people are the touch barriers of acceptance and tolerance as they affirm the predominant sexuality of Heterosexuals and minor sexuality #Homosexuality. 

Intersex people are also the barriers of a fluid nation to cascade a peaceful gender claim in mankind, to bring understanding that gender is fluid and one may acquire a label but it is possible that that label may not suit their internal within.
Hear me out LGBTI nation. LGB (Sexuality) and TI ( Gender) are indeed a fully justified people all we need to do is work together.

By Tinashe Wakapila
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