Zanele Dludla affectionately known as Zah, is a 22 year old female from Amaoti, Durban.

She grew up in Amaoti, attended Primary and Secondary School there. She later moved to Pretoria for her tertiary education and studied Civil Engineering. She took the modelling path after finishing her matric in 2013.

Currently she is busy with her in-service training with a construction company.

“The reason I chose to do C.Eng. is for the love I have for it and I also wanted to prove that glamourous models have brains and that it is not only a man’s world”.

She lives with her mom and elder sister, who she attributes as being her pillars of strength in everything she does.

“I am the founder of RawFace. I work with Maqhawe Khumalo from Fashion Amenzo and Anele Nzimakwe from Red Talent”.

“The idea I had when I started RawFace was not based on making a modelling agency but it is a platform where ALL races, age groups and genders can explore their competitive sides. RawFace hosts monthly competitions where the competition boost individual’s self-esteem and make them realise the greatness in themselves. RawFace is not only for professional models but for EVERYONE who wants a platform to be crowned. Our competition rewards people according to the concept of the month. Fashion Amenzo sponsors their amazing garments and Red Talent sponsors with professional photographs”.

Her proudest moment on the Engineering side is when she was given a chance to exercise her theoretical knowledge on site and on the modelling career is when she showcased garments at Durban July in 2017. Which she says was a big breakthrough for her.

“My proudest moment with RawFace is when we crowned our first winner. I envision growth in the brand, I see it taking basic people to places they have never seen themselves in”.

The most difficult thing to deal with she says is managing the brand while having a proper 9-5 job as it requires I travel a lot. So time management is important.

“I am inspired by a lot of people and since this falls under the entertainment industry in a way, I tend to be inspired by young people. Currently the person who shows me by action that anything is possible if you put your mind into it is Maqhawe Khumalo. The founder of Fashion Amenzo. He managed to self-groom and teach himself how to make garments”, says Zanele

Her advice to the youth is to not let your background define you. All that matters is your dreams and it does not matter when they come true or how, the most important thing is patience and attention to everything one does

“In 5 years I see my face in billboards, newspapers, not for fame but to be given enough platform to help boost their self-esteem. Without good /positive self-esteem individuals tend to do bad things just to be accepted by a certain group of people which lends them on the wrong side of Law”.

Currently the RawFace competition is running on Facebook.

The page is called RawFace and is currently running a best friends competitions.

People who would like to venture with RawFace must email Zah at