With everything going on in society as of late, the abuse and killings of woman, not forgetting the fact that lesbian killings have been an issue for the longest time, one still wonders if it is worth it coming out as gay/lesbian/ transgender. The mere fact that we have to be put in a category, a 4×4 box, in order for society to define or explain our apparent exclusiveness or indifference is tiring enough. To actually be labelled “gay” is exhausting. As soon as we put a label to someone’s sexual orientation, we are in not so many words saying “you are different from the rest”. Think about it, patently eliminate the clutter, remove putting people in an exclusive category because of their sexual preference and see that people are just human beings (and only that).

If people were seen as human beings first then there wouldn’t be issues such as racism, inequality in the work place, lesbian and gay killings. All these issues arise because we categorize the human species. Male- female, black- white, gay- straight. In the corporate world, males dominate top positions for reasons beyond my comprehension, but somehow society thinks females are inferior to males in the work place. Racism is being aware of the colour of the next person’s skin and for a second thinking one skin colour is superior or inferior to another. All these issues arise because of categorizing human beings. We are human first before we are anything else. Let everyone be treated as such.

The fear of holding the hand of the one you love in public because you have to act prudent in public out of the fear of being attacked for who you are and who you love is daunting.

Each of us has a responsibility of changing the way we see people, and not to have the mind of imbeciles, but to see people as human beings, and only as just that.

– T. Masinga