By: Ntombizodwa Jowena Qwabe

You have the sweetest everything when I’m looking, usually with my eyes closed ands my torso open to all the butterflies you keep sneaking into my chest.

I swear you are the bassinet my mother keeps swinging in my bones whenever I flashback,
And whenever I flashback?
I can’t help but see your sweet everything.
( You are the rolling stones my father warned me about)

The lighting in my sky of forget me nots,
The summer in the rain of all my shy days.

Like when you call my name.

Smile for me.

Tell me there are wishing wells inside my body the color of wet kisses and shampoo,
Tell me you like happy places because I like them too.
That you could make me giggle a fairy
– this is how you make me feel –

Like a blue in the dark figurine,
Like a star trek dream.
And I could wrap myself around you.

I could kiss you with my legs open