The Apostle Dr Z. Zungu opened the service, greeting the congregants and rectifying the dates the church was founded. The church was originally founded in 2005. “In 2014 I was blessed to receive direction from mentors who understood church growing”, he added and welcomed new congregants.

Word of encouragement by Mfundisi Sibisi

“It’s hard preaching to people coming from the festive season because the festive vibe still lingers. There is this song, it starts with the words vala umlomo, uvule amadlebe”.

Everybody laughed as they knew the song but he gracefully turned it into a sermon. “In this season blessed is a person who is quick to listen and slow to speak, in those moments we end up making decisions that separate wrong and right paths”.

Word of encouragement by Mfundisi Ngwane

“Israel was not tired of building but began to tire after his enemies had fallen. Take your baggage and seek God as refuge. The enemy will suppress you, making the yoke even heavier. Just hold on to God, He is powerful, ready and forever faithful.”

Offering was by Mmeleseba

Deuteronomy 16, speaks about giving and offering to God. Give from the blessings you have been offered in return God will bless you”.

Word of God Mfundisi Royo & Apostle Zungu

“You meet tough challenges in life that may mean one thing to people but in God’s eyes be seen as leadership anointing. Those obstacles are meant to be lessons”.

In closing the Apostle added, if you cannot discern God’s presence yet you read His word and it tells you he is always there, then you end up in a path of bad choices.