Have you been curios on who Nombulelo really is, well wonder no more as UniQ Mag
went all out to bring her here as she gracefully take us through her emblematic life
journey, in her own words?

I am a young lady with big dreams, so big that at times I stop for a moment and laugh so
hard imagining the day my dreams spring into reality. I am a township kind of person with a
twist of model-C up bringing (I guess I have the best of both worlds). Funny enough there
was a time I believed deep down that I was white. Everyone, I associated with by that period
was generally white and my eyes and soul saw no difference between them and me. Reality
only prevailed when I was out of school and I had to go home and then speak isiZulu. I am
glad that phase is over and had an opportunity to do self-introspection, now I know who I am
and happy about it. I am proud to be born and bred Durban, Kwa-Mashu, one of the
friendliest townships.

Discipline, Love, Caring, Respect, Culture, Strong will, Determination, Self-love and Prayer;
are all the ingredients that came together in creating and moulding the woman that I am
today. Mama did a great job raising me (if I say so myself), she peacefully rests in heaven
knowing she has raised a woman of magnitude, intellect and grace. Two of the greatest gifts
my mother gave me were to introduce me to the community of believers, Christianity, and
exposed me to education. She invested so much in sending me to some of the best schools
she could afford, I went to John Wesley Primary School, and grade 8-9 was at Rossburgh
High School and was expelled. I was thee naughtiest, a hard core rebel (but that is a story
for another day). Now that I think of it my untamed behaviour was so to destabilize the
“coconut” branding I was slowly endorsing and being labelled with. I then completed my
senior phase at Pinetown Girls High School. The worst time of my life. I will stop right there!
Personal Reflection

In most cases we assume we know what the ideal nature of humanity is, but in actual fact
we do not know as God is continuously revealing Himself to His creation. There is
absolutely no fixed attributes of a stand Lesbian, Gay, Transgender nor even of an
intersexed person. A person can also fall in multiple classifications. I now identify as a
Lesbian but I was born Intersexed. I have lived two thirds of my life with a sexual crisis. Trust
me when I say there was no choice in all of that, if I had a choice I would have unchosen my
choice. Sexuality has very little choice involved. I doubt any person right in their mind with
choose to be labelled, discriminated, rejected and subject themselves to correction rape and
all violence if they had a choice. It is fare deeper than our human comprehension. Yet again
I stand to be corrected.

I am crazy about Arts especially Dramatic Arts. The script is my King, stage is my throne,
and I will forever reign in the entertainment world. I am an actress. I act every day of my
working life. I draw a very clear line between my profession and my personal life. In my
personal life I do not act I’m as real as they come. I am a passionate and self-motivated
Diva. My mind is my greatest possession. I sometimes trip over my thoughts as my mind
builds castles over split seconds.
My life and the Church
I am a member of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa in good standing. I have just
answered to my call of God to serve for the vocation of word and sacrament. I am currently
doing my final academic year in (BTh) Bachelor of Theology and my Third year in my
Formation training in Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary (SMMS) in Pietermaritzburg. In
short, this means I am training to be a pastor. As much as I have been in the church all my
life and have served in various structures within the church, I have never been able to satisfy
the deep hunger I had for serving God to the uttermost. The problem is that as people we
have normalised and generalised Gods words so much that even when He talks we assume
He is not talking to us but a fellow brethren, by doing so we deprive ourselves with a
personal encounter with God Himself. Fortunately for me with encouragement, guidance
and support I am walking in, is the part of answering Gods sacred call of servanthood. To be
honest I have never felt so alive in my life.
The hashtag seeks to deepen the conversation and inspire the community to question the
status quo. The Transformation Unit invited High School students to participate in Model
United Nations Debates focusing on the countries in the African continent and the Laws
within the different countries, researching on how these laws affect lives.
Through the hashtag we brought awareness to the plight of queer Africans throughout the
African continent in the University’s pursuit of the Pan-Africanist agenda.

Intended outcomes of the conversations:
Some of the content from the seminar will be used to promote social inclusion in Higher
learning institutions. This seminar was really about Human Rights with a focus on the
complexities facing the queer community. The seminar brought Academics, Activists, High
school learners & Educators, University Students in one room to seek solutions together.
Some of the presentations looked into:

• Gender-based violence, including stigmatisation, corrective rape, and other forms of
gender discrimination.
• The language of minority groups and basic human rights.
• The mediated construction and re-construction of gender.
I attended a one-day seminar hosted by the University of Johannesburg, facilitated by the UJ
Transformation Unit, the Faculties of Humanities and Law, and the Unisa Department of
Corrections Management. The seminar was predominantly focused on a multifaceted
exploration of challenges facing the queer community, bringing together academics and
activists, to prepare and present academic papers on the following issues:
 Gender-based violence, including male rape, stigmatisation, corrective rape, and
other forms of gender discrimination.
 The language of minority groups and basic human rights.
 The mediated construction and re-construction of gender.
 The voice of the church in LGBTI issues

The response from the audience was mind blowing. It is amazing how complex and dynamic
the scope is even within the homosexual beings. It is also evident that the only difference
that sets aside heterosexual beings is the non- supplemented natural reproductive system,
either then that nothing else does. Heteronormativity has been deconstructed and
destabilized in many level. Contentment and satisfaction needs not to cross gender lines,
weather by choice or orientation desire. It is what it is and it should be left as it is. God
Almighty makes no mistakes when He created mankind He concluded by declaring men as
perfect. The only thing mankind should be concerned about is spreading the love as this is
the final commandment Christ left us with; “A new commandment I give unto you, love one
another as I have loved you” John 13: 34. If mankind finds common ground in love then they
will be no room for hate and discrimination. God’s love is uniting, it liberates and also
consoles with the Horner of knowledge that God is for the oppressed He stands for the
minority and the marginalised. Being an activists is mandatory for me when it comes to the
Great Commission of Christ “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations” Matthew 28: 19.
Peace, Manna & Mercy upon you!!