UniQ Mag SA got a change to be close and personal with the Happy Couple Lindokuhle and Lindile ma Mthembu Dlamini. According to Civil Union Registrations there is parter A and partner B. Lindokuhle is a Trans-man which makes their story unique. Pronoun used for Lindokuhle He.

Date: 6 July 2019

Traditional Wedding

Venue: Demo Gardens Alexander Park

Q. Getting married was probably the biggest step you have taken in this relationship where did the courage come from? 

A.Yes it was the biggest step to take but the thought of making Lindile My wife that was the most wonderful thought since the first time I met her I just knew I will marry her. 

Q. I am sure it was time consuming planning your wedding, did you hire a wedding planner? 

A.Yes we did have a wedding planner – Nokuthula Dlamini sister 

Q. What are the most important things one need to consider before signing. (home affairs registration)? 

A. To be sure that you are both on the same page and you both fully agree to spend the rest of your lives together. 

Q. Who is your favourite lesbian couple? 

A. Thishiwe Ziqubu and Mandisa Nduna 

Q. Who selected songs to be played on your wedding day? 

A. Wife Lindile

Q. Did you do traditional wedding? kindly share all the details 

A. Yes we did traditional wedding it was the most important part of both our lives since we are Africans and I am also a Traditional healer..is was very important (uxhumano ngokwe Dlozi)we slaughtered goats to show respect to our ancestors we did that at my home and also at Lindiwe’s home since I am umkhwenyana they respect and understand that I am a Trans-man. 

Q.What is your ideal family set up? Or is it existing already? Tell us more about it. 

A. We would like to have kids maybe 4, My wife has a son now am planning to adopt him officially. 

Q. Where did you go for honey money and how was it? 

A.We didn’t go to honeymoon we were planning to go in April this Year but this corona virus thing. 

Q. Who was your marriage officer? 

A. Pastor Khanyile Victory Ministries Church International

Q. Please finish the sentence individually. According to you Love is…. 

A. Lindokuhle.. Family, caring, praying together, consulting together. Giving one another love. 

A. Lindile.. Respect, caring, loving, family. 

Q. Please finish the sentence Individually. Getting married to my partner …

A. Lindile it was always my dream to be Mrs Dlamini and am proud to say his my husband even if he has change his body I love his as he is nd even if I could change it I will still love him…a lot. 

A ..Lindokuhle was the best thing ever. 

Q. What can you say to parents, who find it difficult to accept? and to the couple who want to get married and there is no support from the family? 

A. Love your kids no matter who they love give them support, show them love. Never give up on your child try to understand him or her more.To the couple I would say, give them time to understand your relationship. 

Q. Did you have any Lobola negotiations prior? How it happened? 

A. Lindile …Yes we did, since Lindokuhle is a traditional healer, we couldn’t do it in any other way. He the sent his uncles to pay lobola and my family accepted.  

Q. What is your take on same sex LOBOLA negotiations?

A. According to me Lindokuhle,.It is a very important to do. It show you have respect for the family and you are willing to be a part of that family.

A day to remember…

Pics Cred: All pictures were sent by the couple.