How did you meet? Mr Zulu: “We met in 1992, I was teaching and living in Pietermaritzburg. While visiting friends, who happened to be her relatives, I saw her and I was charmed.”

Mrs Zulu: “I was only 18 years old when we met, we have been together ever since. We got married in 2012. 26 years later we still very much in love”

How did your families take it when you announced you are getting married? Mrs Zulu: “It was very difficult for me because I am from a village. I didn’t even know there were such relationships. I was very scared but all I know is, I fell in love with uBaba. One thing about village people they have respect, as much as they didn’t understand, they respected us. Our families eventually supported us when they realized we were serious about each other”

What role has God played in your relationship? Mrs Zulu: “God is everything in our relationship. He has blessed us and I am not talking about material things. He blessed us with a beautiful child, our community respects us and we are still together”

Have you encountered any discrimination or challenges as an LGBTI married couple? Mr Zulu: “The school where I teach, they tried. We ended up not getting along with the principal. The kids too, they would whisper names. One day at assembly, I decided to address the issue by educating the kids, just because someone is different from you, doesn’t mean something is wrong with them.

What is the secret to a long lasting relationship? Mrs Zulu: “Love and respect is everything, once you make a choice that you love someone, love them unconditionally and genuinely. Even when you go through difficulties”

What advice would you give to young couples? Both: “Love genuinely, respect one another and be best friends. Love yourself as an individual first that makes it easy to love another genuinely”