A happy marriage is about three things : memories of togetherness, forgiveness of mistakes, and a promise to never give up on each other. UNIQ MAG SA Asanda Mkuzo had a chat with Angezwa Mkalali & Ntando Ngwenyama. Angezwa took Ntando’s Surname Ngwenyama.

Angezwa and Ntando Ngwenyama’s Civil Union.

Q. Getting married was probably the biggest step you have taken in this relationship where did the courage come from?

A. Our courage came from us being two continents apart and when Angezwa came back we realized that we never wanted to be apart again. 

Q. I am sure it was time consuming planning your wedding, did you hire a wedding planner?

A. No, Angezwa did most of the planning.

Q.What are the most important things one need to consider before signing. (home affairs registration)? 

A. Type of marriage you want, financial situation for both parties and assets.

Q. Who is your favorite lesbian couple and Why?

A. Ntando’s favorite couple is Zamo and Lihle, For Angezwa it’s Sape and Vaivi5, Because their love seems so genuine.

Q. Did you do traditional wedding?  kindly share all the details

A. It was a modern traditional wedding, we got married at a beautiful lodge in Krugersdorp, it was a small intimate wedding for close friends and family. 

Q. What is your ideal family set up? Or is it existing already? Tell us more about it.

A. Our ideal family set up is that of a content, loving, transparent family whether we have kids or not, we do want kids in the near future.

Q. Where did you go for honey money and how was it?

A. We did a mini honeymoon in a small lode in Kyalami Sands and we were planning on going to the Maldives but then Covid19 happened, it was very casual nothing fancy. 

Q. Please finish the sentence individually. According to you Love is….

A. Ntando love is not Selfish. Angezwa love is transparency.

Q. Please finish the sentence Individually. Getting married to my partner ….

A. Ntando: Getting married to my partner has taught me that we have to forgive everyday. Angezwa: Getting married to my partner has been a roller coaster ride.

Q.What can you say to parents, who find it difficult to accept? and to the couple who want to get married and there is no support from the family?

A. Patience is virtue. The couple and the parents need to have patience and understanding of their differences. Parents need to understand that we do not choose who to love.

Q. Did you have any Lobola negotiations prior? How it happened? 

A. No, Covid19 happened.

Q. What is your take on same sex LOBOLA negotiations?

A. If it makes the couple happy and validated their marriage then why not?.Angezwa is a Xhosa lady from a small town in the Eastern. She’s an extrovert and is very social. Ntando is Swazi, grew up Nelspruit, she’s an introvert who loves reading.