By: Zama Shange

Where do you get your ideas? That would be LIFE:  My life and everything that goes on around me, inspires me and that is why most of my pieces are lengthy. I am telling a story, my story through poetry.

What is your book about? It’s about life, love, relationships and God. What I hope the book does is when you read it, you feel hope and with whatever you are going through, know you are not alone. The book is about healing and dealing.

Does writing energize or exhaust you? It does both actually, while writing this book I was more exhausted than energized at times. I tapped into my deepest emotional thoughts, some that I would have preferred I never even tapped into but it was an enjoyable experience.                 

How did publishing your first book change your process of writing? It changed a lot, all of a Sunday I could write and it seemed there was something to write about everywhere. I guess the positive response I received contributed to that also.

Do you view writing as a kind of spiritual practice? It helped me heal from a lot of emotional baggage and heavy burdens. When mom was fighting her cancer and being the eldest I had to shoulder everyone and writing shouldered me. Sadly mom succumbed to the cancer.

What is your writing process like? This question always has me stomped because I really don’t have a process.

What advice do you have for writers? No idea is ever a bad idea, just believe in yourself and your abilities.

Can we expect any more books anytime soon? Yes, I have been working on a novel. It’s finished now, hoping to release it soon.