Loosen up and just enjoy the Pride

Tinashe Wakapila

I know I usually look forward to the formalized articles but today I am going to throw in my observation of reality on what to expect and reasons why pride should be always honoured if not stamped a public holiday.

For many years South Africa has been our own beaming land of salvation. I remember the times my fellow mates from Botswana would come just to march and raise their flags high because their country had not accepted homosexuality. Today Botswana a neighbouring country of South Africa has accepted and decriminalize Homosexuality, this means slowly but surely whenever we march the streets and the news circulate it does give an inch of hope to other people. As South Africans I solemnly believe Pride March is not only for us but for the whole of Africa to say if this South African country can do it why not others. As we looking forward to Pride kicking off on 29th of June 2019 themed “Keep the promise to LGBTQIA PEOPLE”.  

So many folks in my circles of influence seems to bash Pride calling it all sorts of names like, a total waste of time childish immature and uncalled for. Wait a minute do these people have any idea behind Pride, I doubt they do. I agree, the generations coming now see it as a moment of drinking being merry hooking. No need to judge them because it is not every time some of these young or old folks get to enjoy who they are being backed up with a thousand more people of the same sexuality as they. We need not be protesting anymore, there must be at least an ounce of joy in remembrance to those gone before us leaving us such freedom. Imagine people stop celebrating Independence Day because at every event some people end up drunk or asking each other out or hooking up. It is impossible so why should we stop rejoicing our day of recognition and proclaiming our livelihood. 

We are in the legislature now, as much as we still go through day to day attacks, but it is with such events like Pride when we bring great political statements that we are out and that heterosexuality is not the only sexuality in mankind. However Pride nowadays has a vast purposes from serving as a platform for that person who has been searching to look to hook up, those group of friends whom because of distance or life choices look forward to see each other and have drinks, it serves the purpose for that queer entrepreneur to have a space to show case her or his or their talent. Many has argued the labelling of entrepreneurs sexuality, saying no need just let them be. 

  1. For many years homosexual people have been labelling themselves until they decided to stop and focus on other life issues as human beings, other than worrying about their sexuality. 
  2.  For a long time homosexuality has been associated with bad behaviour, which has caused a dispute amongst the community. Others have argued, why do we celebrate being gay yet heterosexual people don’t need to celebrate being straight? 
  3. Gay pride was not born of a need to celebrate being gay but our rights to exist without being killed, jailed and attacked. Thus, Pride is more of a political statement, it serves a church gathering advocating for gay rights to invite them all young and old to come into the house of worship. It serves to show that homophobic Uncle, Aunt, Sister, Brother and relative etc., know there is a space where Gay people gather and affirm who they are.

So without much justification Pride is an important day that doesn’t have to be all serious only but rejoiced and celebrated upon. To those LGBTI+ people who feel it’s a waste think again!

This year’s Pride event in Durban will be held at GUGU DLAMINI PARK.