Clive Msomi

Allow me to take you through the journey of legs. We will divide this journey into three legs, keep an eye on your Uniq Magazine as we walk together for the benefit of our health.

We are living in a world where fast, quick and immediate results are the order of the day. There are a number of reasons attached to this, but the one that stands out is the fact that we are also in a world that is influenced by the forever changing, new innovative technological era. These changes are meant to make our lives easy and fast and manageable. Unfortunately these creative innovations has left us unable to function on our own without depending solely on them.  There is nothing wrong with innovation, it is up to users to know how to use it appropriately. Because of such changes outside of our world, we are constantly looking for better ways of doing things without much effort being spared.

We put less or none effort in engaging our limbs the way we were created to use them. We try as much as we can to find the reason not to and in most cases we are forever tired yet we had spend the entire day driving, which we do seated. Every human being has dreams to own a car at some point in their life, reason being that it makes life easy, travelling from point A to point B is covered in a short space of time. The convenience of travelling easy is what makes this need such a necessity for each household or for individual. Yet we remain trapped in the no use of the limbs that were given to us for a purpose and we become even more lazy and tired each day. And thus, whilst we still save to buy that car, our lives is still dependent on public transport to continue the human laziness survival, so much that even the shortest distance that can be covered with few steps, we would  rather pay a fare than to walk . Yet we were given legs to walk.

As technology evolves so does the fitness world, with new training programs, new movements and new equipment that promise to give one better results in a short space of time, we like that very much don’t we?. With all of these changes in human movement, walking remains the most basic movement that has never been changed. It is never manipulated but remains easily accessible and can be done by young or old, it cost nothing at all. It has been the only means of travelling from one point to the next throughout the ages.

Walking might possibly be taken lightly as not being a very intense form of a workout when compared to all other hardcore movements that have come up over the time and are still popping up as we speak. Walking remains the best fitness movement that anyone can do no matter what their fitness level is. In fact walking is the best starting point for anyone who is either hoping to run at some point but might battle with their body or lack confidence in running, or for someone who is starting up in the fitness world.  Its remains clear tough that not many people realize the endless benefits of walking not only as an exercise but more as part of a lifestyle regiment.