Stone Face Communications (SF) and Central Route Media, (CRM) are the originator of
“UniQ” magazine. The magazine, which is set to be launched in March 2014 as an initial
issue will be directed to all citizens of the African Continent, focusing on LGBT issues with
special attention to Lesbians.
The two companies owned by women came to an agreement that magazine’s
objectives and all its activities should be carried out through Stone Face
Communications. which will appear in all legal documents of UniQ Magazine.
The magazine reports on news, events, health, legal, books, movies, theatre,
entertainment and interviews of interest to the gay and lesbian community with a team
of people who range from employees, to freelance writers and contributors, many of
whom volunteer their time.
The magazine power and prestige is instrumental in influencing the way South Africans
think about, and engage with, the world.
The management of UniQ Magazine is targeting a total combined circulation of 60,000 in
year one, increasing to 180,000 by the end of year three. The magazine will be published
bi-monthly with increased press runs throughout the first three years.
In addition, Stoneface will market magazine via direct marketing and through
established distribution channels. The direct marketing of magazine will be implemented
through existing media platforms.
The Team has a highly focused multi-dimensional marketing plan to build its total
circulation base quickly.

“To be the most informing and
educating magazine for LGBTIQ in
South Africa and abroad while
promoting unity and peace between
homosexuals, heterosexuals and

“UniQ” magazine to reach the
individuals of all levels ranging from
Lesbians, Gay men, Bisexuals,
Transgendered, Cross -dressers,
Families and Friends of LGBT, scholars
and students, Church members and
Leaders, Homosexuals affected by