“Faith makes all things possible. Love makes all things easy, it is a life-long journey Tha thrives on love , commitment, trust, respect, communication, patience and companionship”

UNIQ MAG SA, ASANDA MKUZO , interviews a beautiful loving couple.

Partner A : Thembi

Partner B: Refilwe

Getting married was probably the biggest step you have taken in this relationship, where did the courage come from?

Answer :The courage came from Love of my wife and her parents

I am sure it was time consuming planning your wedding, did you hire a wedding planner?
Answer :No we did everything ourselves

Who is your favourite lesbian couple and why?
Answer : US, because we learn a lot about ourselves everyday and it has been a wonderful journey so far

Who selected songs to be played on your wedding day?
Answer:We both did but some were the dj’s selection

Did you do a traditional wedding ? kindly share …
Answer: We did a traditional wedding with a touch of Western, because we had a matrimonial service which is something that people don’t do when making traditional wedding

What is your ideal family st up? Or is it existing already? Tell us more about it.
Answer : What we have right now three children is our ideal family set up. 

Where did you go for honeymoon ho was it?
Answer :we ddnt go as my partner was suppose to report to work soon after the weeding.. But we will go soon

Who was you marriage officer ?

Answer :Yoooooo it’s hard to get a wedding officiator in South Africa especially when it’s the same sex marriage, when you find one it’s either the price they asking for its not within your budget and you still have to pay their kilometers to and from the wedding. With God’s grace and at the last minute It was our Local Pastor who blessed our the rings

Please finish the sentence individually, according to you love is …

Thembi: Love is love 
Refilwe: Love is patient

Please finish the sentence individually,gettong married to my partner was…

Answer :
Thembi: Getting married to my partner was a blessing to me
:Refilwe : Getting married to my partner was a dream that came true

What can you say t parents who find it difficult to accept? and to the couplewho wants to get married and there is no support form the family?
Thembi: The parents should first understand their kids because I believe that when you grow there’s signs showing that you might be different from other kids
As long as they are true to themselves and their relationship.. One day the parents will accept. 
Refilwe :It’s still a very sensitive topic for me as I got disowned by my father because of my sexuality but all I can say is that we need to educate our nation.
At the end of the day it’s your life and your happiness they lived and made their choices about their lives and no one was against them,, why not let you make your life choices? 

Did you have any Lobola negotiations prior? How it happened?
Answer :Yes we did, nothing different from the heterosexual lobola negotiations

What is your take on same sex Lobola negotiations?
Answer :It is just about the couple that is getting married what they are comfortable to do, because as same sex couples we are different ,unique human beings.