By Clive Msomi

As the year draws close to the end, so are the plans that were set up for the year come to the end, and thus new plans are given birth in order to forge ahead with life. Matric students in particular during this time of the year are closing a chapter in their life that had all activities related to high school life and is either looking forward to go to higher learning institutions where they will now study for a career or others are going straight to the working world. Either of the two are new challenges for these young adults as they find their way toward the continuation of their life journey.

The fitness industry is also seeking and welcoming young blood to take over with new and vibrant ideas. It is exciting indeed to see how young people are showing interest in joining the fitness world be it that they aim to work for themselves or serve under a number of organizations within the fitness world. The number of new entrants in this industry is growing every year. So if you are one of those who are looking at taking up a career within the fitness world next year, take note of what we are going to discuss here to help you understand this industry well and to ascertain if this industry is for you or not. Be it as part time or full time career or working as an entrepreneur or serving under a number of fitness institutions it really doesn’t matter.

There are several challenges within the fitness industry like any other job and cracking it is not an easy task, but it is achievable. Before you make decision it also important to let you know that this industry has also a number of available opportunities that one can tap into if they play their cards right. In the next few articles we are going to give you pointers on what you can await and these will also help you to see if you are the right person for this kind of environment.

  • Customer service: It’s very important to know the importance of customer service and ensuring that it is adhered to at all times in order to help you build your reputation and your brand. This is one industry where word of mouth plays a very important role. In order to build that client base and build a good profile for your brand, the level of customer service should be highly maintained at all times and when you are rendering such service it should be done with a smile at all times.
  • Time: Whether you are teaching a class, consulting a client, or training a group, to ensure that you are on time at all times. It is always advisable to be earlier then your client(s). Being early for whatever session you are conducting or the kind of training you are to holding, it is advisable to be always on time. Being on time sets a different tone to your clients because they realize, how you respect them and how you take what you are doing as being very important. As such, your clients/members / participants will also respect you in return.
  • Flexibility (adapt to change): Fitness world is forever changing and growing at a high speed. As such new ways of doing things also come into play. Be always willing to try new things at all times. Being flexible will make you understand yourself better and adapt to innovation. Your clientele might be coming to you for assistance and with them they bring their culture. Different stroke for different folks. Be creative at all times, it keeps your participants yearning for more.
  • Criticism: Be willing to listen to criticism all times, being criticized either by a client or participant  is definitely a character building exercise that will help you improve your brand and your service rendering capacity. Make no mistake we all do like to have positive praises bestowed upon us and what we are doing but positives are already sold negative critics help you to do better the next time.
  • Look out for new opportunities