By Clive Msomi – Group Fitness Instructor at V.A Club

Searching for other careers within the Health and Fitness industry.

If you have a passion for working with people who have sustained injuries or seeing someone regain the use of their limbs after an accident or injury, then Biokinetics might be the career for you.

We interviewed Thanuj Kisten who is a Biokineticist at Virgin Active Pavilion, where he is currently practicing.

Biokineticist specialize in many fields, physical condition, movement rehabilitation and injury management. Based on the consultations they then design a rehabilitation program to suit that particular individual.

Our first question to him was, why biokineticist as a career? He recalls sustaining a head injury in grade 10 that challenged the use of his left side. While going through this, he met Beverly Peters, a biokineticist. He credits Beverly for regaining the use of his limbs and his career choice.

To study Biokinetics at University level, you need to pass matric, with mathematics is a prerequisite. Enrol as an undergraduate in Sports Science, then Honours in Biokinetics and do 1 year in-service training.

You will also have to register with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Thanuj adds that being in the fitness industry is a plus, because of the flexibility of the fitness environment. He adds there is nothing as fulfilling as seeing his clients walk out happy.

Biokinetics is vast and offers many opportunities. You can work at a sporting club, a governmental institution, a hospital, rehabilitation center or have your own practice