Trans Visibility Saves Life

The 31st of March in the trans-gendered calendar it known as an International day which celebrates trans visibility. But who shall celebrate this day and why? Is it for the transgender community or it for everyone?

The history of this day back in 2009 the US based youth advocacy organisation saw a need to come to come together and fight for the right of transgender people by embracing diversity. 11 years later this day is celebrated all over the world, but people are still not clear why do so, why celebrate the trans community for being visible.

For many transgender people whom are visible in every state they are from, they simple advocating for the whole group which it LGBTQ+ community. When the community normalize seeing a transgender person it becomes more easier for them to accept different people form what they know through the transgender that has been visible.

Being visible it not always nice since you face the first hand of stigma and discrimination because everyone, knows about your gender identity and can still use it against you any given time. Before judging that transgender women, who doesn’t read as a correct gender or that transman who binds but cannot hide his huge chest just be grateful to them because they have normalised the LGBT+ existence and that why you don’t get so much stigma and discrimination.

For every LGBT person take some time on the 31stof March and appreciate a transgender person from your community whom is brave to live their lives even they are facing so many challenges everyday   

Issued by Sassie Bubbles

Instagram : @Transhope