UNIQ MAG SA with a lovely couple Lydia Lee Ndabula Nciza  and Nomtha Nciza who married at Home Affairs by Marriage officer : Ruwaine Craig Morton.

Love is love, without commitment you cannot have depth in anything whether it’s a relationship, business or a hobby. Commitment is a choice displayed in every day Actions. Because of love and commitment the couple decided to go to home Affairs and register their lifetime commitment to each other. Even if you sign in front of the Pastor ,He/She will also take your documents to Home Affairs. Do not be under pressure, you can register your relationship and do the celebration after. Feel free to be yourself your way, your life.

If you want to sign at Home affairs, You book first.They will give you time and date.Be there at least 30 minutes before. You need to bring your ID’s and your 2 witnesses and their ID’s. It is dignified, You can print your certificate same day. Thats all it takes.

Q. Getting married was probably the biggest step you have taken in this relationship where did the courage come from? 
A. It all started 5 years ago when I met Lydia and she made me feel in ways I never felt before she just complimented me in more ways then one.Due to life we had to go our separate ways but in all those years apart from her in a way I was looking for her in every partner. We reconnected last year, I just didn’t want to let go anymore. and She asked me to marry her December 24 saying yes was the best decision I ever made.

Q. I am sure it was time consuming planning your wedding, did you hire a wedding planner?  
A. We planned the whole thing ourselves and help from friends. It was indeed time consuming because there was work in between. Signing to spend the rest of my life to her was worth it.

Q. Who is your favorite lesbian couple and Why? 

A. We don’t have because all our roads are different even if we all have the same goal we are our own favourite couple 

5. Who selected songs to be played on your wedding day? 
A. I had a song to play in the car when we go pick up my wife but we were too late for home affairs to be that romantic  but it was going to be Jasmine Rae =when I found you, the words will give you why 
I wanted her to know when I found her I found myself 

Q. Did you do traditional wedding? kindly share all the details 
A. When we are ready financially we will do a big wedding.

Q. What is your ideal family set up? Or is it existing already? Tell us more about it. 

A. We do have one child right now but we are planning for 2 more in the future. We will do the Artificial insemination or IVF.

Q. Where did you go for honey moon and how was it? 
A. We went to Green Point. It was all expense paid honeymoon from our good friend more of a father to my wife.

Q. Who was your marriage officer? 

A. Marriage officer : Ruwaine Craig Morton

Q. According to you, Love is..

A. Love is accepting the imperfections and seeing beauty in the person. It is letting love win always even when your mood doesn’t agree. Its getting a joke and remembering that there is someone to laugh with, that feelings of not just love in a person but a friendship too.

Q. Please finish the sentence Individually. Getting married to my partner …. 

A. Getting married to Nomtha was the best decision I ever made. I found not only my better half but my partner in crime someone to be crazy with. 

Q. What can you say to parents, who find it difficult to accept? and to the couple who want to get married and there is no support from the family? 

A. Parents put your child’s happiness first it might not be a good decision for him/her but remember this is her life even when you long gone she/he will be left to live this life let her choose her own joy, love and happiness. She/He is the only person who knows what she/he really wants 

To couples:Never give up on your family try to understand them and give them time to understand your relationship.

Q. Did you have any Lobola negotiations prior? How it happened? 
A.  Not yet due to Lockdown for COVID19 

Q. What is your take on same sex LOBOLA negotiations?.
A. I feel it’s a good way to bring families together and creating new relationships with the ancestors too.

PICS Credit: All pics sent by the couple.