By: Tinashe Wakapila


Pride is out and so are we I hope we are all safe and sound my last article was about preps and excitement this one I am writing is about observations.

Humanity Beyond Identity was the theme for the 2016 pride. Pride is officially over and I do hope that we are all safe and sound, irrespective of the fights and quarrels I noticed during pride.

One thing I observed was that the LGBTI Society knows how to cook up a storm of a party. Durban pride was a blast and attending it put my time to good use. Nevertheless here are my observations, comments, praises and criticisms about the 2016 Pride event:

The beach is a wonderful place, I love it and I usually go there for picnics. As much as we had our pride there I felt it diluted the whole purpose of pride. Hate crimes do not usually happen at the beach so I felt it would have been more appropriate to have the march awareness, in areas were being LGBTI is not received well by people. That would have been marching for a cause – otherwise we will continue to have marches and not reach the targeted goal, which I am sure, is to eradicate homophobia and ignorance.

There are a lot of under privileged youngsters(not talking about financial issues alone,)   in locations and townships that need awareness to be disseminated to them instead of having it in the area were everyone is minding their own business and not meddling  in the wellbeing of LGBTI people; where civilization is being smoothly processed regarding the LGBTI community.  

Performances were loads of fun but I felt the show was lacking in terms of addressing LGBTI issues in between performances. That would have accommodated those of us who could not attend the formal discussions at the other remote venues.

Pride is not a money making scheme. So you can imagine I was appalled, no I was outraged when I learnt that there was a fee to be paid in order for attendees to enter the venue with their cooler box filled with your refreshments. Were we at pride or a trade fair?  Perhaps, how about we have two prides then next year – one free for all and the other will be branded the Pride Trade Market where the rich and famous will buy and sell goods and services.

Props to the organizers on the talent showcase; giving youngsters and different LGBTI artists and performers an opportunity to showcase their skills. I was happy that there was a lot of live music and the fact that the toilets did not demarcate gender was a bonus.

On a Lighter note, I would suggest to the organisers to please ensure that the dates of Pride coincide with payday – it’s not nice being broke during our Christmas.

All in all Pride 2016 was a success.  It’s high time we as LGBTI people work on bringing pride to be accessible to everyone. Let’s allow Pride to serve its purpose.

Women’s month is around the corner. Ladies out there, let’s task ourselves with charity work, in solidarity of the recognition we never received in the past. According to a survey conducted by EY, titled: Women make all the difference in the world; women are gaining a competitive edge. “Emerging markets offer the best growth prospects for businesses after the global downturn of the past few years. However, perhaps the biggest and most exciting new market of all is an overlooked one: women”.

“Women are the largest emerging market in the world. Over the next decade, they will wield enormous influence over politics, sport, business and society. In the next five years, the global incomes of women will grow from US$13 trillion to US$18 trillion. That incremental US$5 trillion is almost twice the growth in GDP expected from China and India combined”.

The survey goes on further to state that by the year 2028, women will control close to 75% of discretionary spending worldwide. Women own about a third of all businesses in the world, and nearly half of those businesses are in developing markets.

Yes, it’s true, women are the future! So to all the women out there, don’t ever let anyone take you for granted.  To all gender non confirming peers out there, let’s celebrate life and enjoy Women’s Month.

I Salute you

A Luta continua