Pisces will agree with not only because they’re that chill but because it’ll get you to shut up.

Pisces unselfishly tend to help others more than themselves.

Aquarius is not with the rest of us in the Present. You can find their minds staring into the Future.

Aquarius have a hard time following but are easy to follow.

If you have sex with a Capricorn , biting is a must.

Capricorn loves it rough, even a bit brutal.

Haters hating on Sagittarius cause we don’t care what you think.
Haters hating on Sagittarius cause we are young, wild and free!
A female Scorpio will love you unconditionally, and go out their way to do anything for you.

Tick a Scorpio woman off, she will think of a million & one ways to cause you misery and pain in 10 minutes flat.

Libra’s find it hard to actually get to work because they are very lazy until they find their passion in life.

Libra’s must learn how to make themselves happy without hurting others.

Virgo’s are used to long suffering and come to expect it.

Virgo’s believe good comes first but always fears the worst.
When a Leo wants you, you will be their prey. Trust me.
They’ll get you. Leo tend to act tough, but when they hurt someone they feel guilty as fuck.

Cancer loves to daydream making them feel that there’s no end to the relationship.

Cancer loves to be honest even if it’s going to mess up the relationship, because they love to feel like they gave it their all.

I am a Gemini because I can charm you with my smile and wit.

Gemini has a twin you don’t want to meet.

Taurus will tolerate your shit…until your appearance matches your behavior…buh bye.

Taurus has a special connection to God.

Aries: I have an infinite amount of patience for causes I find worthy.

Aries: I have a reputation for coming on strong because, if I divide my attention, I’ll lose interest almost immediately.


Week 4




#Pisces can be bitchy but still be sweet.


#Pisces are nice people and are always there when you need them.


#Aquarius have the qualities of being open-minded and original, free thinkers.


#Aquarius are interested in a broad range of topics and learn very quickly.


#Capricorn ‘s are ALWAYS thinking about sex.


#Capricorn?s keep their beliefs and philosophies to themselves. They are very private.


Optimism is a primary character trait for #Sagittarius .


#Sagittarius hate liars and they will never forgive them.


If you think #Scorpio has an “I don’t give a fuck attitude” about someone else’s drama, it’s because they do!


#Scorpio despises being questioned by anyone.


#Libra’s like to feel secure in everything and don’t like complications. Because of this, they tend to keep a lot of things to themselves.


#Libra’s motto: My way or the highway.


The #Virgo heart breaks easily.


#Virgo puts others before themselves.


#Leo >>>> The other 11 signs #Leo’s don’t take no for an answer even when it is the only answer.


#Cancer never seek revenge when hurt. #Cancer is very homey but can be wild. #Cancer will be your friend if you need them, even if you’ve hurt them.


#Gemini’s are notorious for being easily annoyed and viciously lashing out when provoked.


#Gemini have a hard time trusting people but once they trust you, you have a loyal friend for life.


#Taurus likes things built on a firm foundation, even their love-relationships.


#Taurus takes their time and does things slowly. So it’s not a good idea to rush them, you’ll regret it! #Taurus wants you to believe in them, even when they don’t believe in themselves.


#Aries live their lives with little or no regret. #Aries fight strongly for what they believe in & those who they love.