Week One

Pisces love to express how much they love you in writing. There are times when.

Aquarius can be a good advisor, but there are times when they have a wild side and want to be free from everything.
Capricorn’s are usually friendly but take caution when meeting new people.
A Sagittarius will never forget where they came from.
Don’t break a Scorpio‘s trust. If you do, don’t expect much for forgiveness, you better prepare for their revenge instead.
Libra has a way with words… so be careful, their charm will get you doing anything!
Virgo’s in love will give you anything you want so ask for it. If they have it, you got it.
Leo gets irritated by people who copy them.
#WhatMeansTheWorldTo Cancer: mutual respect.
Don’t suffocate a Gemini, give them trust and enough space and they won’t go anywhere.
Taurus people are very hard on themselves, so hard that they start blaming themselves.
Aries are crazy jealous and possessive over their significant others.

Week Two

Pisces makes excellent lovers.

Aquarius is stubborn & despises authority.

Capricorn’s dont like fake shit. Grow up or go home.
For Sagittarius class, style and originality matters.
A Scorpio’s intuition is both helpful and hurtful.

Libra maintain strong relationships.

Virgo passion is not always evident, but the right person can bring it out into the open.
Leo’s are very direct, sometimes to a fault.
Cancer may be hard on the outside, but they are beautiful on the inside.
Gemini’s will be mad one second and happy the next.
Taurus women are the Goddesses of Love.

To love an Aries female, dont leave anything on the table. Give her your ALL and total being.