Superciliousness and exoticism gives birth to pugnacious utterances, it is malevolent when they come from an anonymity, who only gets to be known and exposed to an irate community or individuals because of such intolerable behaviour.

By: Donsy Kunene

“The Antagonist” of the LGBTIQ Family, Mrs Nono Dlomo who happens to be the KZN Dear Heart, Partner and Supporter of the LGBTIQ, Dr Sbongiseni Dlomo for KZN Department has implausibly and publicly demonstrated her deep hostility towards Gays and Lesbians.

The fact that she works within the health sector at the Maternal, Adolescent and Child Health organisation, she is expected to take issues into consideration, instead she became an opportunist by abusing a critical platform to demonstrate her hatred towards gay people which made things worse and raises concerns.

Mrs Dlomo was quoted by “Berea Mail” saying “Homosexuality is just evil spirits and I urge government to bring back religious studies to our schools,” she said. “All these problems that are facing our children is the devil’s work, our kids need prayers to be protected from all the negative energies facing them.”

She was granted a rare opportunity that is not given to not-so-popular individuals like her, to address a young and sensitive audience during the launch of the Cato Manor Clinic’s Adolescent and Youth Friendly Services programme.

The comment on the issue by the Director of the Durban Lesbian & Gay Community & Health Centre, Nonhlanhla Mkhize, quoted by a daily provincial isiZulu publication, was applauded by the LGBTIQ Community where she indicated that as the LGBTIQ Community they will consider taking a legal route if she doesn’t come forward and apologise.

Reading the article from Berea Mail (local publication) as well as on Mamba Online (online publication) incited the LGBTI activists and friends emotions. They decided to feed their curiousness by wanting to find out who is this woman, where does she come from and why she said such words, what is she hoping to achieve, why would her views conflict with the mandate of the Department of Health to reduce stigma around sexual minorities.  Her views also go against her husband’s beliefs as the MEC for Health who has a mandate to accommodate every individual regardless of their sexual orientation, religion, age and culture.

Mrs Dlomo’s utterances were considered by the community as hate speech that could aggravate to hate crimes.

Image: New24