By: Sandy Nene

Where did you study music? I did not necessarily study music because i was born by music,raised around it and within me, from your gospel,choral,opera, traditional musicect, through music i did recieved a bursary (Sterkspruit Christian School) to get assistance on vocal training in opera music.

What’s the most fun thing you experienced about being an arts student?  I experienced fun in arts when I started my college years at Creative Arts College in Durban because there i did full time arts in Speech and Drama, which included your music and acting, being  a performer and entertainer at once with no limits.

What does music mean to you? Music is Me, within Me, My purpose and a skill that you don’t only obtain but breath and live.

What else do you do besides music? I come in different forms of art which makes me a performer. Im also and professional actress, mostly do industrial theatre as a    freelancer and at many times host events and shows.

Which artists have you worked with before? I have worked with the most talented artist, female rapper, beatboxer, producer and vocalist a Marcia Buwa aka Genius from the female rap crew Klutch Kollective. I feature her on my single Nihambe (available on itunes) and she mostly produced my album. Moonchild Sanelly as an inspiration from when i first discovered my sound.

Why do you think it is important for artists to keep working together? African artist should start working together so that we all build empires within arts and share creativity so that it keeps on getting more interesting , dynamic and adventurous.


What’s the biggest show you’ve done thus far? The biggest event i did thus far is no doubt the Durban Youth Hip Hop Festival 2016, where I was amongst great South African artists and i performed the remix version of Ndihambe (remixed by The Nutscratchers) and the crowed loved it like i was already on the mainstream lol… that moment was unforgettable.

Which shows are you hoping to do next? I am hopping to perform at the Jo’burg Pride 2016 just to share a little of me with the LGBTI in Gauteng or host one of the Gauteng Province Pride. I am also planning on hosting my own event here in Johannesburg that introduces me officially.

What is on your playlist right now? 

  • Klutch Kollective – “Back The Roots”
  • Nakane Toure ft Black Coffee – “We Dance Again”
  • Annalyzer -” Ndihambe”
  • Thandiswa Mazwai – “Thongo lam”
  • Toya Delazy – “NuHigh”

Where do you see South African music industry in the next 5 years? In 5 years I see myself as a vocalist representing my country through music in my mother tongue and fusing past, present and futuristic sound in different African language.

Check her music on iTunes.