Nomvula Shale was born at KwaMashu M section in 1973 October 10, she has lived most of her
life in KwaMashu, Ntuzuma and Inanda.

She is a typical woman who had anything but no man in her life, so she met this handsome guy at 22 years old and she fell for him. He told her what she needed to hear at that time. He met her at the right time for him but at the wrong time for her. She was vulnerable after getting two boys from different fathers. She needed someone to love her and not someone who will hurt her. She fell in the trap of the so called love for a few months and she got sick.

It was 1996 November 13 when she was rushed to KwaMashu Polyclinic for a boil. However, she was transferred to King Edward hospital from the clinic. She was all by herself in the ambulance when she was transferred to King Edward hospital for more checkups. She was admitted at King Edward as she was in unbearable pain. The nurses were advised to take blood tests for further checkups.

On the fourth day in hospital she overheard the nurses laughing and gossiping about someone who had a deadly disease and was not going to make it. She thought they were gossiping about the granny who was in the same ward as her. Not knowing that they were talking about her.

On the 16 th of November 1996, the nurse came to give her an envelope with a letter inside and instructed her to go see a counsellor. She eventually went to consult with the counsellor and gave the counselor the envelope. The counsellor asked a number of questions and after asking her how many she kids she had, the counselor told her she had AIDS and had six months to live. In complete shock, Nomvula didn’t know what to say but cry.

She was finally discharged and went back home angry and bitter to wait for her final days. She was not angry at the person who infected her because that was not going to change the fact that she was HIV positive. She just wanted to kill herself before her time came.