By: Ndabenhle Myeza

Our culture has had a long heritage of associating the feminine principle with what it means to be female and the masculine principle with what it means to be male. As a result, both men and women have traditionally been locked into rigid culturally-defined gender roles that have not been helpful for anyone who wishes to live a more meaningful, creative, and soul-making life. A fully integrated individual is a unique and balanced expression of both masculine and feminine traits.

Masculine and feminine are not two separate principles or two opposing energies. Gay couples are neither both female and both male, but two indivisible aspects of the same consciousness that you are before you identify as a man or woman with a body and mind and so on. They are two indivisible aspects of the one tree of life.  download

Whether we identify as being a man or a woman or otherwise, as consciousness itself we are all masculine and feminine at the same time – both and neither, beyond the illusory divisions that words seem to create. We can use the words ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ simply as poetic metaphors for the wholeness that we are, which is beyond words. Don’t take the words too literally. Life is not really split in this way.

This is how God sees us, not the fuddy –duddy approach that we have chosen based on our narrow thinking. God uses the feminine spirit as partner not as an entity as theology makes us believe. Women’s natural, life-giving blood mysteries were perceived as inferior, less sacred, more unclean. Men’s violent blood letting in hunting and warring, the taking of life, emulated a cultural model for what it was to be male. Whereas heroism marked the violent force of men’s blood activities, shame characterized women’s natural bleeding and reproductive processes.  

The feminine principle associated with the cultural concept of the female being was relegated to a secondary and relational role to the masculine principal, the model by which men were to live their lives. That’s not God’s that is man’s narrow view of God and a pathetic interpretation of scriptures. We create god in our own image, you can safely assume that you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.

You cannot therefore claim to love God if you hate people that God has created. We use our own beliefs as a starting point, which colours our final conclusions.  When people try to divine the mind of God, their opinions on God’s attitudes on important social issues closely mirror their own beliefs. If their own attitudes change, so do their perceptions of what God thinks. They even use the same parts of their brain when considering God’s will and their own opinions.

Intuiting God’s beliefs on important issues may not produce an independent guide, but may instead serve as an echo chamber to validate and justify one’s own beliefs. God never intended for a woman to be ignorant! He never intended for a woman to be unlearned, uneducated because if you are unlearned and uneducated, you cannot fulfill your destiny.

We don’t measure the value of a woman by the shape of her backside. What does it mean when you see a partner get down on their knee, get out the ring, and propose to you? It means that in that act the partner recognizes your supreme value. For a partner to get down on their knee, with honour and respect, indicates that you are so valuable.  Man doesn’t have a womb—it’s you, woman. And what is your womb for? Your womb is the workshop of God. Every king, every ruler, every prophet, every wise man or woman, every scientist, every general, every person of value came through the womb of a woman.

Your womb is a special place. The vaginal tract of the female is the entry to the womb, and that is sacred. That tract is protected by a thin piece of flesh, and it’s not easily accessible. There’s pain and there’s blood when you enter that sacred chamber. For mankind to elevate and reach the prestigious standards of womankind; the very first core value is to be humble; practice humility and then embrace the core integral elements of humanity that cohesively connect all of us as one.

Let’s allow women to co-create with God like he intended them to.