Esigodlweni SeziNdlovukazi

In life, different people live different lives; what is best for me might be bad for you, what is excellent for me might be average to you.

Human beings are beautiful creations of our Creator and that there is a reason for every living creature; a purpose. This is why it is disturbing to read scriptures written by biblical scholars in positions of power to use the Bible to condemn and make homophobic statements. They incorrectly wrote what they thought was right for their community and used the Creator’s name to write hate speech.

In the same breath, I might agree with them under one condition – we agree that in all English translation biblical documents, the name God appears not Creator. In the Zulu translations it is Nkulunkulu, which means greater than others in power. There is no mention that I know of, of the Power that brought everything into existence; the power that was not born nor given birth to, a power that is gender less etc.

So, I argue but go back to my senses, because after all, these people in positions of leadership probably had personal issues with homosexuals perhaps because they didn’t fully understand. It was new to them; just as people living with disability were misunderstood in the olden days and treated with shame and a disgrace. People who gave birth to disabled children even went as far as hiding them from the community or killing their children. I believe that with time, people may learn to understand and accept homosexuality.  

I have therefore concluded that the bible was written and translated for people to be controlled and ruled. Laws were given for a community to behave accordingly. No one knows the power that brought everything into existence everyone has his or her own way of describing the creation. If you read Genesis 1:1 and all other chapters in Genesis, you can see that someone is translating or narrating the events but we choose to ignore this fact. Who was there to hear the Creator saying let there be light…  or let’s create men in our own image and rule (Genesis 1:26).  What does this tell you? Can you just take a moment and think? Can you just move away from the you that has been brainwashed and think for yourself? If you can do that you will realize that all of these scriptures were written to program people’s minds.

Just read all Paul’s letters he wrote for the purpose of evangelizing; not to restore black consciousness. All these letters are addressed to Thessalonians and Galatians etc. not to the current black South African people. According to me, the compilation of these books of the Bible, are merely history – which we can learn anywhere. Also bear in mind that history is for generations to come to teach them about what happened in the ancient times.

This is just to mention a few things out of the many books I have read. Consider yourself as a human being created or born and living on earth for a reason. Whenever you walk, talk, teach or preach, take out your sexual preferences and focus on your main reason of living on earth. Other preferences are just for your body’s satisfaction – not your soul or spirit.

Because of hate speech and discrimination; some people in same sex relationships have changed or shifted focus and concentrate on how people look at them rather than how they were created. This is not right and I feel it should stop. You were born like that – embrace it and make sure that you first please your Creator before human beings as well as your parents who brought you to this world. If your parents do not accept you or do not understand, get them some information because they may be in denial or ignorant. If you have strong feelings for the same sex, educate yourself; understand yourself first before involving yourself in a relationship.

If you are still young, focus on your studies and make sure you educate yourself as much as you can and own assets. Read books that will make you grow in every aspect of life, don’t look at yourself as a sex object but look at yourself as a human being who is responsible and have 7 gifts that God our Creator gave to human beings:

  1. His image – The word his image refers to spirit, nature and moral character and Godlike characteristics, so that in his spiritual and moral nature he would be the “spitting image” of his Creator.
  2. Function like – Being made in God’s likeness does not mean that Human beings were to look like God but to function like God. He speaks and whatever he speaks comes to pass; his voice carries power and authority. That which He spoke into his own life or domain came to be.
  3. His presence -a Human being’s presence in the Garden of Eden meant that he was continually in the presence of God the Creator. The Creator took a human being and put him in the Garden of Eden. Eden is a strange word meaning “spot,” “moment,” “presence” or “open door to heaven”.
  4. Gift of work– Human beings were put in the garden “to dress it and keep it”. Work involves becoming, with these four gifts a human being knew who he was, how he was to function, where he was, and what he we supposed to do.
  5. Cultivation– To dress Eden as mentioned above means to cultivate it. The human being was gifted with the capacity to bring out the very best in everything around him. Part of responsibilities was to improve his environment and do it in such a way as to benefit every creature in it.
  6. Protection – a human being was charged with the responsibility to “keep” or protect the garden and everything in it. God endowed people with capacity to protect and defend those under their care as well as protect and defend the presence of the Creator for their benefit.
  7. His Word – God Commanded in Genesis 2:16-17 a Human being knew who he was, how he functioned, where he was, what he was supposed to do, how to improve his environment and how to protect the environment. On top of all that, he knew the direct Word of God. By any measure, this is the definition of a whole, fulfilled, well-balanced, and well -adjusted individual.

Most people think to be a lesbian is to have a relationship and have sexual intercourse that is why you find other people who do not have such feelings failing to understand homosexuality. You have to understand that you are unique as an individual regardless of sexual preferences; the name labelling has a huge impact in this whole equation.

The best thing is to be content, love yourself because if you do, you will know what is good for you and you will attract love because you will love yourself. Understand that you are unique and don’t apologize for who you are – there is no need. The one who created you will apologize on your behalf.