I come in peace, does my homosexuality make you uncomfortable, lemme walk you through this

The Creator created Adam and Eve, so what? My name is Tinashe Wakapila, I am a Woman, Cis woman for that matter Oops oh no! I forgot you don’t even know what it means

Yes, He created Adam and Eve I do not argue that but

He also so did create Adam and Steve, Madam and Eve,

Dear Homophobic Person

A Creator you call a He creates both genders in his image

What? What are you talking about?

See what I mean, I am a lesbian yes and no there was no mistake

I have two breasts, a womb and a vagina and yes I don’t need to

Sleep with a man to understand what you prefer inside you

For your sexual pleasure leave me alone

Brutal aint I. No! Not brutal, brutal is an understatement,

It’s called the voice of an empowered lesbian

Ah what did I just say?

Pardon me, lemme tell you a lil bit bout me

I like them strong and masculine dominant because I am submissive

Not because I see a man no no no but that is just my preference

Yes there is Femme on Femme, Butch on Butch, Femme and Butch

Futch on Femme Butch on Futch

Dear Homophobic Person

(Laughs) that’s gibberish to you isn’t it?

Why? Oh before you answer lemme help you.

Because you are ignorant

In your Heterosexual world believing it’s the only sexuality

And listen I am not lesbian to be after you as a heterosexual woman or to be raped by you heterosexual man in pursuit of correcting me

Speaking of corrective rape Jeez, won’t you get tired?

Let’s do this, I have a brilliant idea how about I have gay men rape you confirming your gayness

Oh rather a lesbian woman rape you to confirm your lesbianism

Violence no I do not have

It’s just a voice of a sick and tired lesbian of the sickening Homophobia attacks

Dear Homophobic Pastor

Leviticus speaks of who? Me laying with a fellow woman while I am a woman or man while I am a man a sin okay point taken

And I’m going to hell too for it, cool but trust me you and me we going together

Yes you heard me we going together, in that fire

Before I even speak of you going there for hating a Creator’s creation

I see you standing on the pulpit with a silky shirt and a cotton suit which is prohibited I see you ordering at Spur the chipotle combo that’s comes with ribs, beef sultry soft meet and a sausage you mixed meats and that too is prohibited,

Do I see a pattern, you culprit hypocrite

Point in case, you and I are the same whatsapp group

You interpreted wrong.

Dear Homophobic Parents and excuses

Oh you need grand kids

You wish to see me married and happily raising children how will I do it without a man

Oh dear invitro fertilization, artificial insemination how could I possibly not do so

Wait no! I should not? It’s unnatural

Wait a minute but Aunty Mavis’s husband had a low sperm count and used the same method and you say it’s not natural when it comes to me biased isn’t it?

Dear Homophobia

There is L for Lesbian G for Gay B for Bisexual T for Transgendered I for Intersex + plus for pansexual gender non-conforming queer wsw msm oh wait why am I torturing myself trying to just make you get it because you wont

You have declared and decreed to oppose the lil chance of possibility that Heterosexuality is not the only sexuality in mankind

Dear Homophobic Person

As I close I just want to say your good is not my good, as long as I don’t force you to feel what I feel just remember to reciprocate

I thank you.

Poem by Tinashe Wakapila