By: Ndabenhle Myeza

Since 1995, I have been puzzled by averments, bigotry, aspersions, disgust, hatred, idiocy, and simple plain stupidity, that has been labelled against homosexuals. I did not pay much attention to it initially, but when death and corrective rape came to the surface it challenged my belief in GOD. I asked myself a question: “What warped destructive God who encourages murder, mayhem and human destruction are we serving?”. All replies pointed to human beings.

My first question was – could homophobia be a mental health issue? My answer was yes, it is. All that you have to do is to observe the behaviour of a homophobe, a bigot, an anti –sematic, the clues are not hidden, but clear for all to see unless you are an honest simpleton or an ignoramus. Homosexuality as we know it today is not a disease, unfortunately homophobia is a disease. Homophobia to me is repressed homosexuality. People often have the most hateful and negative attitudes towards things they secretly crave, but feel that they shouldn’t have.

Homophobes should consider a little self-reflection; those people who are hostile against homosexuality could be harbouring same sex desires. In fact, people who have homophobic attitudes, who are more prejudiced or discriminatory against gay people, are themselves more likely to have a discrepancy between their unconscious attractions to same-sex partners than what they are aware of. In many cases, people who are at war with themselves turn internal conflict outward.

Other homophobes hide behind the bible, which I must say is very convenient because the word of GOD is used to subjugate, kill, rape and murder with such absurdity that makes a serial killer look ordinary. Religion as an institution, however, has, in general, played a key role in the fueling of homophobia throughout society. People who are born into certain religious environments and grow up hearing toxic anti-gay messages, develop negative views about gays and lesbians. Young and impressionable minds can internalize the notion that gay people are inferior and that homosexuality is an “abomination,” something unnatural and deviant.

Signs that you are a homophobe:

  • I also have gay friends (that is so condescending and defensive)
  • How do you guys have sex (your curiosity is seeking the experience)
  • I am not homophobic but… (then you are what)
  • My God hates homosexuality (I am sorry if you worship a vengeful, hateful murderous GOD)

How about a future that honors and embraces diversity? LGBT people and straight allies must continue to speak up and challenge those forces and institutions that directly contribute to the occurrence of homophobic abuse and violence. Together we can defeat the forces of hate and in the process, create a better society and world for everyone. If you are homophobic please seek help.