UNIQ MOM Khanyisile ZULU

Khanyisile Zulu is a married mother of a beautiful Daughter, Ndonenhle Zulu (5). Khanyisile has been with her partner for 28 years raising their children together. 

Our family values are not completely different from what we were taught growing up. Our parents taught us honesty, trustworthy, kindness and self-love. 

As a Modern Family we adapt to a current lifestyle which includes teaching our children to stay away from strangers. We do this step by step considering her age. As she grows we keep updating and teaching her our family values adding from what she already knows. 

As she just turned 5, we are teaching her a ‘thank you’, honesty, loving, communication and openness, such as expressing her feelings in a proper manner avoiding anger and cries while addressing her dislikes.   

Word of Wisdom to her Daughter

“Look after your health – physically, mentally and spiritually because if you do that you will have won yourself a lifetime weapon that will give you powers to do everything you wish to do. You will have wisdom that will help you to take informed decision in life. You will be able to avoid self-inflicted abuse because you will have acquired spiritual guidance.  In closing, I love you so much my child and I wish you all the best in life.