By: Clive Msomi

On our July issue, we spoke about the reasons people give for not going to the gym during the winter season. We have mentioned the negative impact it has in the healthy lifestyle industry and to your body itself.

This August we are looking at the benefits of working out in winter. It can be a preparation of spring/summer fever that will heat us all soon. You want spring to find you ready and not starting all over again, why then not use indoor as a springboard to do other activities that you have not done before. These are a few points that can help you look at winter in a different way:

  • Waking up in the cold winter morning is a sign that you are serious about your workout plan. It also creates a foundation plan that will allow you to be ready for the summertime and taking it easy when everyone is only hectically getting ready for summer bodies.
  • The fact that most gyms are neglected during this time, one gets to use all the equipment that they want at their own pace without having to look over their shoulder for someone who stands in wait to use the equipment or the machine. For the fitness instructors who might feel down that the numbers in their classes are down, this time presents them with an opportunity to connect with their participants better. In that way, they (fitness instructors) are able to correct and assist a member better as opposed to a class of 50 or more participants.
  • So you decided to stay at home and not go to the gym or go on the road or go for daily workout fix, it is perhaps the right time to try that workout DVD that you never got to watch. You can even invite the whole family to join you trust me it will be fun. There is something you can do at home and this is the best time to create your own home workout regime that you will forever use when you are unable to go for your daily dose work out. For some people, they believe in working out with other people and they also benefit from that. Working out on your own can also expose you to a new understanding about what you can and cannot do. Furthermore working out alone can also help when you are travelling and you are unable to access a gym and you can then create your own workout wherever you are.
  • Take more walks during the day, keeping in mind of the surrounding and adhering to ensuring your safety. Ideally, walk a kilometre a day and just enjoy the view, people and life. Nothing wrong with putting on your headset and just enjoy the moment. Get to see life in a different dimension.
  • Create your own gym at home by using the very same equipment you bought last year in that Black Friday frenzy, you never got around using any of it, it is probably still in a box. You can use this time to evaluate the type of workout that this gadget you bought because it was on sale, what it will do for you. Once you know how it works, you can now use it in times when you are not attending your special sessions.
  • Those fitness magazines that are delivered at your doorstep remains unopened it is piling up and you even created a catalogue according to month release. Have you taken the time to try those exercises and moves found inside the magazine? That was initially the reason you subscribed for in the beginning, isn’t it?
  • So your instructor did not play your favourite tune and in fact, he/she has not played it in a long time and that gives you the reason not to go to the gym, why don’t you create your playlist and tune it to the loudspeaker. Neighbours won’t mind they know you are going through hard times, they wouldn’t mind you dancing yourself off for an hour. You can even create your own moves, talk about dancing for yourself. Amaze your only audience, yourself.
  • Am still amazed at the benefits of a skipping rope. If you do not have one make sure you get yourself one soon or create your own skipping rope using old rope. Use your own creativity.
  • You sure don’t want to put on that weight again, you must also remember the reason why we don’t indulge in the fast food department. How about investing in a smoothie maker and juice extractor. You will thank me later for this, you can mix things around and just tantalize your taste buds. Anything with Spinach can be amazing and the nutrients are endless.

Winter is not bad after all, don’t you think?

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