In a world where we are coerced to conform, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to be unique; to be yourself. Although the LGBTI community provides a safe haven for many, it is slowly becoming insufficient as people are tired of living within categories and labels; they want to be accepted and loved regardless of their sexual orientation. Others, as you will read in this issue have found comfort and normality within the labels which they have acknowledged as a part of who they are to such an extent that it does not bother them as much as it used to.

In this issue that is coinciding with Human Rights Month and others to follow, we will unravel the lives of unique individuals who have broken through the barriers of an exclusive society. Also those who are still struggling to overcome the obstacles of discrimination and marginalisation they are faced with on a daily basis. The intention is not to provide another magazine that can be used as substantiation of how odd the LGBTI community is, but rather to prove that it is a community formed by individuals who are unique. They just happen to express this uniqueness in various ways – many of which may not appear “normal” to most people.

This magazine will challenge the stereotypes not only from society but from within the LGBTI community. Stereotypes of how the labels placed on individuals prescribe them to live and act in certain ways. Who makes these rules anyway? Religion, society, or do we confine ourselves within these rules and regulations and then fail to live up to them? We will explore these questions and many more in the future. But don’t worry, we won’t bore you with all the heavy talk, we will also feature fun topics relating to cooking, cars, sex and travel, music, books. The list is endless. You will have to read through these pages to experience it for yourself.

Remember to live each day to the full. Be exclusive, exceptional, matchless, and irreplaceable.