by Sandy Nene

Uniq Magazine decided to chit chat with the newly wed Anele Mkuzo, a Senior Programme Coordinator of The University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science. Recently, Anele married the love of her life, again history being made in the South African LGBT Community. We spoke to her about taking this big step and touched a little bit on their love life after marriage. Read along and enjoy this amazing love story.Picture3

Getting married was probably the biggest step you’ve taken in this relationship, where did the courage come from? Uhm so it seemed like the natural progression from being engaged and living together. I don’t if it’s courageous or crazy. But I guess it felt right and I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life without my wife. I want to build and grow with her, discover the world and start a family with her. And we happened to get the government, friends and family involved. Lol! Love won I guess in the end, it always does ☺


I am sure it was time consuming planning your marriage; did you hire a wedding planner? Oh definitely, we had a wedding planner who’s also a friend (Bradlee Holcomb). My wife and I are working and studying towards our honours degrees this year so it’s been hectic. Luckily a bit of the load was taken off by having someone who’s experienced to direct the whole experience.

Who is your favourite lesbian couple and why? What would define a ‘favourite lesbian couple’? We don’t really have one, we have couples we admire and learn certain things from. All couples whether straight, or gay have lessons one can learn from and we take those lessons and try our best to learn from them.

Which song played when you walked down the aisle? We had a duet performance by a live band singing ‘When I first saw you – Jamie Foxx ft. Beyoncé’

Where did you guys go for honeymoon? We’re off to Italy later on in the year

Have you guys ever thought of adopting? We have, but we want to first try IVF or artificial insemination and see how that goes.

Are there any fun games you love playing together? What are they? So the wife has been trying to get me into gaming, I’m horrible at it. Lol! So we’re sticking to things like 30 seconds and karaoke at home ☺

Finish the sentence: Love is; A beautiful gift

Getting married to my partner was; The most amazing day of my life

My first date with my partner was at; JB’s Corner in Sandton